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Malcom X Denzel

When We Were Kings Muhammad Ali

Cry Freedom Denzel

Lumumba ?

Harlem Knight Richard, Eddie, Redd Foxx,

You were suppose to name a movie with either lela rochon or vivicia a. fox in it plus another black actor in the film with them (because i posted that before you) .
~Boomerang. I liked the "world" that they existed in ---- was there even a white face in the movie ANYWhere? I don't think I can remember even seeing them during "street" scenes. Even the mailroom clerk (Chris Rock) was "up and coming". Black kids were getting positive reinforcement (from Halle Berry's character community work), and the Lady Eloise and Strang`e corporate accounts were all black. And then the obvious: comedy, ol'school element, the luv story, the situational irony (s) in the script. The whole thing from start to finish. Classy and entertaining all on its [black] own, and without being Blaxploitation. appl~
Hi, Cynthia2008. Welcome to AA.org.

To play the game, you have to mention a film with a black actor and one other black actor or director, then the next poster adds another film with the actor, and the next one, and so on...

You have Will Smith in "Hancock," so I'll add after that...

"Bad Boys II"--Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
fro This is NOT a black movie per se....but! "In the Case of Benjamin Button" is an excellent movie which despicts the black woman in this film VERY favorably....including the black men- even though the period is during the Jim Crow era. I watched every second of it with excitement and huge interest. And yes..it was looooonnnng! Almost too long...except! That it is a great saga of human journey. This is the best I've seen in while. I recommend it. In fact, it is money well spent considering how much it costs nowadays to see a good movie. fro

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