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LYDIA BAILEY (1952, 20th century Fox) WILLIAM MARSHALL of "Blacula" fame .This is one movie where the sub-plot is far superior to the main plot.Main Plot:white man goes to Haiti to find white girl they fall in love. SUB-PLOT:the Haitian Revolution is in full swing with William Marshall playing the part of "KING DICK" one of Toussaint L'Overtuer's generals.
Originally posted by Lox:
Let's start a new game.
I will name a Black Film and a Black star who appeared in the movie and the person who responds must name a new Black Film with that star, plus another.

(Now name a new movie with one of these actors and a new actor. does this make sense?)

FRENCHY... please read the instructions of the game before posting... nono

You seem to have totally missed the point of the game... td6

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