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Let's start a new game.
I will name a Black Film and a Black star who appeared in the movie and the person who responds must name a new Black Film with that star, plus another.

(Now name a new movie with one of these actors and a new actor. does this make sense?)

FRENCHY... please read the instructions of the game before posting... nono

You seem to have totally missed the point of the game... td6
4YAINFO--Ocean's 11 with Don Cheadle and Bernie Mac

"The Original Kings of Comedy" Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey
Mo Betta' Blues

Denzel Washington
Spike Lee
Wesley Snipes
(The Late Great) Robin Harris
Cynda Williams
Jungle Fever

Wesley Snipes
Spike Lee
Lonette McKee
(The Late Great) Ossie Davis
Ruby Dee
Samuel L. Jackson
Hallee Berry
Coming to America

Eddie Murphy
Arsenio Hall
John Amos
Eric LaSalle (Just let your Soul Glo' fro)
James Earl Jones
Madge Sinclair
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School Daze -- Laurence Fishburne & Samuel L. Jackson.

Eve's Bayou-Samuel L. Jackson and Lynn Whitfield.
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A Thin Line Between Love & Hate - Lynn Whitfield & Regina King

Jerry McQuire - Regina King and Cuba Gooding Jr.

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