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Unfortunately, from this point on, we are gonna hear more of these types of ridiculous sentences.  Although mother and daughter were wrong in their role in fleeing...they [or the daughter] didn't actually caused the accident that killed several people.  But!  Just look how many years they got....compared to the officer who murdered a black man 2 year sentence.  It's here yall[well it never really left.] But!
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I remember when this happened.  I think they got so much time because she did cause the accident, so many were killed, and she and her mother went to great lengths to cover up the accident/crime.  I think that she got too much time too, considering that the actual accident was not intentional, even though the cover-up was.  Her mother should have gotten some time for covering up this crime/accident for her knowing how horrible it was.  

From their actions, it seems that they were more concerned with their own lives and reputations, etc., than the fact that so many people had been killed.  Makes me think of the Florida nurse that drove home after hitting a man who's body crashed half-way through her windshield, and she sat in the house trying get friends to help get rid of the body while the man was still alive and she could hear him moaning and pleading for help.

While I too think it was a little too much time, I do get sick of seeing people have such a disregard for human life, like leaving the scene of an accident where had they stayed they may have been able to get help to that person sooner to save their life.
  I was talking about the initial hit....Black spin reports:"  After being sideswiped by another car, Michael's BMW hit another car, causing it to collide head-on with another vehicle." That's why I thought she wasn't at total fault cuz she didn't initially hit anyone...someone hit her first. 

Yet!  If the entire paragraph is does give conflicting information by stating:"  Michael is going to prison, because after causing this terrible accident, she fled the scene and tried to cover up the evidence. "   

So my question:  Did she initially hit the vehicle or was she hit by someone else and then hit another car causing the domino effect? That wasn't clear.  But!  It's still no excuse for leaving the scene.  No excuse. 

I live very close to where the accident took place last year.  She hit the car that ended up in the head-on collision.  She then saw the subseqent crash and flames in her rear view and kept going.  The local stations were reporting on the crash that night (it was Easter).  Neighbors turned them in 10 days later when they realized her BMW was the car in the police were looking for.  She and the mom stayed quiet that whole time and actually got the body damage on the car fixed and had the car painted.  The daughter sent off grad school applications after the accident (and before she was caught).  It's the callousness of her and her mother's actions that garnered the harsh sentence.  This probably would have been a vehicular manslaughter charge with a 7 year sentence, with 3-4 actually served.  It's sad all around:  five people gone and this young girl's life ruined.

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