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Fears that black men at risk from firms seeking DNA for ˜criminality gene' test

Research companies keen to prove that black men possess a ˜criminality gene' that predisposes them to commit crime, are seeking to access the police national DNA database, The Voice can exclusively reveal.

The national DNA database is run by the Forensic Science Service, a UK government owned body.

Last week, new figures from the Home Office revealed that DNA samples stored on the police national DNA database had passed the three million mark.

Nearly 40 percent of black men have their DNA stored on the database, compared to 13 percent of Asian men, and just nine percent of white men.

Powers introduced in April 2004 enable the police to take and retain a DNA sample and fingerprints from persons arrested for a recordable offence, even if they are not charged.

According to government figures, 139,463 people are on the DNA database who have not been charged or cautioned with an offence.

The discrepancy in figures among the ethnicities has raised concerns on the disproportionate use of new police powers to retain DNA samples.

A report by the House of Commons science and technology committee also reveals that the forensic science service has received a number of requests to access the stored information.

Campaign group Genewatch told The Voice that they are presently awaiting a Freedom of Information request on who has sought to purchase the information.


Becky Price, a researcher at Genewatch explained, "A concern we have is the access that private companies have to that data. The forensic science service can give out access to companies and research institutions. There is a board that oversees the database that will see the requests and make the final decision. But we know that a number of requests have been granted in the last couple of years."

Because the database contains disproportionate details on black men, Genewatch believes that any research using that information would be skewered against black men.

"We believe that that information is being used by people researching and looking at whether there is a criminality gene. Our concern is that generally over the last five or ten years is that we've been getting reports of people claiming to find the gene for this or that and we are quite dubious about statistics in that research.

"There's a 70 per cent chance of matching a gene with a character trait. That's not very strong to build a criminal justice policy around because it becomes self-reinforcing."

She continued, "Black people are much more likely to be arrested, therefore have their DNA on the database. If it is useful in solving crime, and that is a big ˜if', then more of the crime that is committed by black men will be solved than the crime being committed by white middle aged women who are less represented on the database. "

George Rhoden, head of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, added: "It is totally disproportionate and is highlighting an interpretation that black men commit more crimes than white guys. We need a high-level investigation into how it is being recorded, what type of persons are on record, how their DNA is taken, and what criteria is being used."

A Home Office spokesman said: "Information cannot be sold. It may only be made available to relevant law enforcement authorities."

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THIS is why people were up-in-arms about a DNA database complied by law enforcement. Besides the fact that evidence is routinely manipulated, the temptation to engage in more junk science, like phrenology, is too tempting for some of our melanin-deprived fellow citizens.

The irony is that something like this will have avid supporters among the judiciary and law enforcement personnel, but those same proponents will fight tooth and nail when a convict WANTS his DNA tested to prove his innocence. In cases like that DNA testing is considered a waste of time, an unnecessary expense and an open invitation for more convicts to voluntarily offer their DNA for testing.
Unfortunately this was the next logical step. First the FBI compiled a "test database" of people's driver's license's in South Carolina and Florida back around 1999. Now all states require, at least the ones I've lived in TX and NY, your fingerprint. And if you are in the military, they also require your fingerprint to get your military ID. I recently saw a story about how scientists created a chip with all of your information on it that can be implanted into your body.
So once again, the DNA is the next logical step in documenting all American citizens.
What really concerns me though is many of these things didn't kick off until the Patriot Act was unanomously passed in 2002. I can imagine how many loopholes and extras were added onto that document that allows some of these types of activities.
This is the biggest and most foul pile of BS ever to come out of a criminal justice system. Before this garbage, crime statistics were the biggest. People like to use crime statistics to prove that blacks are pre-disposed towards crime. But crime statistics are NOT records of crimes, the ARE records of convictions. That's all, nothing else. The only thing that crime statistics prove is who's going to prison. It doesn't even come close to a record of crimes being committed.

There a millions of unsolved violent (reported) crimes in America every year. Who's committing those crimes? We don't know because they're unsolved. But I'm reasonably sure that they are not black, because if they were they would have been caught! The justice system is so pre-occupied with putting blacks in prison that it often forgets its purpose, to dispence justice! The reason only 9% of the DNA on file is white is because all the rest of it flies right under the radar. Their not looking for it. People rarely find something they don't want to find.

But now, thanks to modern science, they don't even have to chase us to imprison us. All they need to do is say "We've identified this subject as having the criminality gene (e.g. black gene...shhhh), so to protect society from the crimes he is certain to commit we going to lock him up straight out of the womb before he has a chance to commit those crimes." Of course, they should neglect to mention that the mother is already in prison for having the same gene. So a criminal is a criminal for life and the child of a criminal is a criminal for life. Hmmmm...seems like a read something like that somewhere before. Mad

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