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    I can tell you right now that I would not qualify for a scholarship on
any one of those standardized tests. When I was in high school,
I made a 17 on my ACT test. It was the most boring and long test.
Ofcourse there is a chance to redo it, but I only took it once.
I would retake an ordinary class test. It's just that I have a hard
time with tests which have material I have not covered.

Though I think that scholarships based on gpa are the best ones,
here's for you all that knows your standardized tests.
I mean if I had all scholarships based on gpa of a 3.5 or better
my college years would be full tuition.

My current gpa is a 4.0.

But anyways, Stephanie Espy, the black genius has a passion
for math that started at an early age. A lot of people say it's

Her parents were engineers, which gave her strong upbringing
in math. One of her memories involved playing a math addition
and subtraction video game on a Texas Instrument console
when she was 6. When she was a child, she had multiple
computers in her house. Her father taught her BASIC
programming language and it was big deal when they
introduced Windows 3.1.

Her father is an electrical engineer who was educated
at Georgia Tech and Stanford. Her mother on the other
hand, is an enviornmental engineer educated at UCLA
and Georgia Tech. She has an aunt with an electrical
engineering Ph.D from MIT that has an unlce who was one
of the first black men to graduate from Georgia Tech.

Also, her sister Jennifer has an electrical engineering degree
from Georgia Tech and her brother Matthew has 2 applied
math degrees from Harvard. And with this trend of
math geniuses in the family, her sister Leslie has a
degree in journalism instead of math based

The reason Stephanie Espy provided full tuition scholarships
to SAT, GRE, and GMAT students is because she's a huge
proponent of collegiate education on both undergraduate
and graduate level.

-She has a firm belief that education
unlocks plenty doors.

-She does this also because
she loves math and wants to see others achieve in math.

-Also, she wants to raise their scores high like a balloon
in the sky. Espy is all about simplifying the math.

The reason their prices are so competive is because
they know how to do their job the best. We understand
that some students have an inner drive but cannot
pay for their classes or tutoring services.

This is where the scholarship come in,
because the students who have financial
hardship need assistance equally as much
as those who can pay for their courses.

Any student can tackle math so the scholarships
give them this chance to have happiness in their

In Closing, Espy obtained her bachelor's degree in
chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT), her master's degree in chemical
engineering at the University of California Berkeley and
an MBA at Emory University.

Well, I wish I could have got a high score on the ACT
test so that could cover more financial assistance
for college. Then it would probably help pay
for the money I owe. I have never owed
so much money until I went to this college
and they require I pay monthly. I'm so not
used to this, but this is the nature of the

"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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