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Black Leaders Remind SC Governor Nikki Haley That She’s a Minority Too


Civil rights leaders in South Carolina have long been bothered by the far right wing stances taken by Republican Governor Nikki Haley, so much so that they are now reminding Haley that she too is a minority.

Haley’s support of a stricter voter I.D. laws is just the most recent of what civil right leaders consider a new right wing offensive aimed at eroding the voting  rights of minorities.


Although Haley’s parents were born in India and later moved to South Carolina, Haley does not focus much on her heritage. Black leaders are nowhighlighting how Haley’s actions misalign with her heritage. Rev. Jesse Jackson said “she couldn’t vote before 1965, just as I couldn’t.”

Governor Haley did not respond personally to the comments, but her spokesman Rob Godfrey said,  “those who see race in this issue are those who see race in every issue, but anyone looking at this law honestly will understand it is a commonsense measure to protect our voting process. Nothing more, nothing less.”













"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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Quote: "Although Haley’s parents were born in India and later moved to South Carolina, Haley does not focus much on her heritage. Black leaders are nowhighlighting how Haley’s actions misalign with her heritage."


Believe me she does focus on her heritage, though it may be behind closed doors I betcha she celebrates Holi just like the majority of Indians in this country. DO not buy this line of cock and bull. And another thing that we need to stop doing as Black people stop trying to dictate what other ethnicities heritages and norms are based on our group experiences. Sometimes we act like white people in that way. We are going to end up getting our collective feelings hurt.


The point is that she is systematically blocking and trying to dismantle gains of the Civil Rights Movement, like The Voting Rights Act and she is in lock-step with southern racist republicans that have been working to destroy each and every gain in equal rights, civil rights, and voting rights that have been granted to not only Black people/African Americans, but to ALL minorities in this country --- including HER.


I'm glad that they pointed out that she is a minority.  All of the minorities in America need to be reminded that if it were not for the gains of the civil rights movement, they would not even be here, certainly not here holding ANY political office.  


I am getting tired of minorities coming to America AFTER the Civil Rights Movement that African Americans fought on the front lines of in order the make racial discrimination in public places, hiring, education, and politics illegal in the first place in this country only to be the first ones to side with and work (vigorously) for the very people that before the Civil Rights Movement, would have seen them as just another n!gger, would not have let them move into their neighborhoods, would not have let them attend their schools, would have discriminated against them in hiring, wages, and any attempts to seek political office.  Yes, ALL of America's non-White minorities need to be reminded that before the Civil Rights Movement and all the other fights that African Americans fought against racism and discrimination in this country, they would have been riding on the back of the bus just like African Americans were, they would have been refused service, hotel rooms, taxi service, fair wages, access to public places, etc., as well, not to mention that one wrong move or being in the right place and the wrong time, they would have been lynched from just as high a tree as any African American, with a noose just as tight.



The only reason that Nikky "Haley" won governor of South Carolina is because her race was kept out of the papers and was rarely mentioned, ever, during the race for governor and the fact that by 'marriage' she happens to have an American last name, along with the fact that she calls her self "Nikky"  instead of Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, oh, and the fact that she had the audacity to check "white" on her voter registration card (When in the hell White people originated out of India/Asia, I would like to know).  


Hell yes, they need to be reminded, and reminded often, and Governor of South Carolina, Nimrata Randhawa, needs to be reminded like hell, and she needs to be reminded that she is not White.

"Black Leaders Remind SC Governor Nikki Haley That She’s a Minority Too"


She could care less and she is what she is...a far right wing Republican and crying minority? That train left the station a long time ago.


You have to consider the bigger picture for Governor Nikki Haley. Serving as the Governor of South Carolina is just a career move up the political ladder.


She is one of those select young Republicans being groomed to run for President in the future, possibly 2016 if Obama wins re-election and terms out or if Obama loses, then she follows the next non-relected or termed Republican President.


And she will be the Governor of South Carolina for a very long time because Blacks all across the state don't partcipate politically like they should and the Whites do so instead of complaining about her minority hertiage, vote her ass out of office.

The percentage of African Americans voting in South Carolina is no less than African American voting in most all other states in America.  And, irregardless, she should have been called out on this.  But, knowing racist South Carolinians the way I do, she sneaked into that office because many Whites that voted for her were not aware of the fact that she was Pakistani/Indian, making assumptions based on her last (married name).  I can assure you that if Nimrata Randhawa had been the name on the ballot, even with "Haley" as a last name, she would not have won the governor's race in South Carolina.  But, she is in there now, so whether or not she will be elected will be contingent on whether or not there is a viable White candidate also running as a republican, now that the voting ilk of South Carolina knows that she is not 'Whiiiiiiiite'.

This article is a piss poor explanation of the issue at hand, Voter ID'ing and where Nikki Haley stands on it. I've seen better amateur blog posts. And I tried googling this subject and at best it was vague. If they are going to write about this topic they need to explain what the hell Nikki is doing. And I stand by my statement, REGARDLESS. If black people are so tired of other people coming into the U.S. and taking our set asides then we ought to do something about it. Johnny Cochran's firm is still open and operating.

"And another thing that we need to stop doing as Black people stop trying to dictate what other ethnicities heritages and norms are based on our group experiences. Sometimes we act like white people in that way. We are going to end up getting our collective feelings hurt."


Brilliant! Too often, American Nergroes make the mistake of thinking other non-whites look from the same prism as they do. This is simply wishful thinking. They do not. Whether they are Indians, Africans, Asians, Latinos, Caribbean blacks, et al, they do not necessarily share the same visions, attitudes nor share the same experiences as American Negroes. Often times, these groups are at odds with their non-white American counterparts (black people). For example, Niki Haley, Bobby Jindal and Denise D'souza  are of Eastern Indian immigrant heritage and all of them are hard line conservative republicans. None have any interest nor share the concerns of American blacks. Especially D’souza who has gone on record via lectures and writing books, viciously excoriating black Americans. His latest book about President Obama is a magnum opus smear masterpiece.


Unfortunately, many American Negroes have this twisted pipe dream fantasy of all non-whites holding hands under this imagined “people of color umbrella”, holding hands, commiserating about the evil transgressions of the white man while singing kumbaya. Well, I hate to burst this chimera bubble –but that is simply not happening and never will. As the writer above commented, these people do not necessarily share our history nor are they privy to our experiences. American Negroes do not seem to understand this…..

I don't think that African Americans have any "pipe dreams" of all non-White people holding hands with us".  


But I'm glad that there are African Americans out there that don't mind reminding ANY 'immigrants' or 'other minorities' of the ONLY reason that they are here in the first place.


African Americans should not lie down and take it while our contributions to racial acceptance, racial equality, rights to equal education, rights to not be discriminated against in hiring, education, housing, public places, and politics are White-washed, not mention, how African Americans' fight for equal rights and racial equality even gave any of these immigrants/other non-White minorities, including Africans, the right to even come to this country in the first place, not to mention be able to be legally married to many racist White spouses that spoon feed them their distorted views of race, racism and politics in the first place.


Other minorities should be called out every time they try to pass as White, every time they adopt the political philosophies of White racists in this country and every time they aid and abet the very people who have worked tirelessly to dismantle each and every achievement of the Civil Rights Movement.


So, African Americans don't have any particular overwhelming desire to, stroll down the path of Civil Rights, Racial Equality, and Anti-Discrimination, enjoyed by immigrants and other minorities today in this country, holding hands with every other minority singing "Kumbaya", but, immigrants to America, recent or otherwise, and all other minorities in America should should be reminded of who it was, exactly, that cleared a path that they now enjoy and use to succeed and achieve anything in this country.

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