"The doors to the church are now open".


All about that brand new money.


T.D. Jakes.


Lying ass.

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  This is where it gets extremely dangerous for women....in the Christian form.  Cuz the really big thing about christianity is that it SAVED women and children from the wrath of FGM,concubinary, and pederasty.  Which is some cases the Church hid the fact that pederasty was still being practiced.  And the mere fact the church where the bible dictates that homosexuality is a sin?  Is now opening its doors?  Bullshyte!  Homosexuality has NEVER ceased its long arm in the Christian Church.  And I still believe that because America hasn't properly dealt with sexual child abuse....these damaged individuals THINK that their abuse in their childhood was NORMAL human [innate] behavior and its not.


We are socially regressing and repeating inhuman behavior where homosexuals will launch into power over civil issues [like the Romans and Greeks] and begin DAMAGING and dismantling the little rights [and innate feminine roles] women do have in the western hemisphere.  Just look to the left of the world and you will see what I mean.  Homosexuals[male] do not LIKE women but do all they can to imitate us.  They wanna replace us and in a minute motherhood will have a different meaning and will be less respectful because of the way gay couples have cheapened its importance.  Already its happening in some places.  I see gay young boys ALREADY rude to women.  And these males COME from a woman-can't get around that-for now.  


But one day soon, giving birth will be like going to a fast food place.  Children will be ordered in a human menu-with special attributes.  And parenting will be altogether different.  It will much like a mad man drenched in rabies RAISING innocent children.  This reminds of that man who had children with his children and when caught killed all of the children he had by them-plus two of his own children.   That kind of craziness is approach our society.  And it begins when the CHURCH [which has denounced homosexuality for thousands of years] welcome the demons of humanity. But!   BTW:  This ignites the DEATH of childhood and as well as the destruction of the freedom and free will to be innate  women.  Lord have mercy on our souls.

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That's why California's burning up. America needs exorcism because Satan's out of control. Once upon a time with all America's faults, she used to be cool. That cool's long gone!!!! If you don't have goo gobs of dollar bills hanging off your everything, you're royally fucked in America. I was born here, I'll more than likely die here, I'm just my mother's child and that's always what I've been. I'm not going to disrespect any one if I can help it, but I damn sure am going to steer clear because if provoked, I'm nobody's flunky and I'll stand MY GROUND. And if a cop's involved, I'll more than likely make the news. That's how it works these days. Headline will read: "Old Black Woman Shot Dead Cussin' Out a White Man Dressed in a Cop Uniform. Called Him a Bunch of Motherfuckers."

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