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Bishop Eddie Long On Weight Loss: I Stopped Eating From A ‘Slave Menu’

Honey biscuits and spicy “chicken wangs” were his “weakness,” according to the Georgia pastor.

08/16/2016 01:04 pm ET

Bishop Eddie Long has opted out of eating honey biscuits and Popeyes chicken“wangs” for a leaner look.

The Georgia-based pastor unveiled his new physique via a video clip posted on his Facebook page Aug. 12. He summed up the noticeable lifestyle change by simply saying in the clip: “People are asking, ‘Bishop, what happened to all of you?’ Well, part of me has melted away.”

After receiving an influx of phone calls from members of his congregation who questioned his new appearance, Long declared in the video that he’s going to live a long life by not eating food from the “slave menu” often offered at fast food chains.

“I said to my congregation that I’m going to live to be 100 years old, maybe add a few more years. But you know what, I wasn’t going to get there by stopping by Popeyes. That was my weakness. The biscuits with honey and chicken wangs, spicy, and all of that,” he said. “Many of us are still eating from a slave menu, you need to check that out.”

Long added that he’s currently on “zero medication” and his new diet consists of “total raw vegetable,” which makes him “somewhat vegan.” But despite, his revamped diet he wants everyone to know that he’s on a spiritual medication.

“I’m on the medicine that God gave you to feed your immune system to build you up. You know what, if you really want to move through this world and have influence you gotta be spiritual and you have to walk by his commandments and you have to be healthy,” he said.



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If there's nothing wrong with him, why is he talking about building up his immune system? Didn't he like ManButts? Maybe it's catching up with him. Furthermore, no one knows HOW LONG THEY'RE GOING TO LIVE. He looks something like that old dude you threw up here that was 78 with muscles, lookin' like Satchmo and The Thinker, Koco.

Homeboy Long Revy Rev. looks like he might be pushing 78 too. I ain't too much into folks tellin' folks what to do and how to do it; because most times those folks are full of feces. Common sense will get you through, if you just utilize it. Is Revy Rev. Long still married? Does he still have a gargantuan congregation? Are men still carrying his ass around the church on a pillow over their heads? Does he have a Beulah headrag on his head to keep his hair in place?? Is he supposed to be the Cat's Meow or the Dog's Bow Wow??

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  I thought about he still pulling on young boys and as a result of that?  Did he get it?  Cuz to me he's trying to distract from the fact that he LOOKS sick.  His eyes.  No.  A diet doesn't do that.   And since he's talking about a slave meal...what he needs to do is put down that "slave" book called the bible.  Just sayin.  But! 

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