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I saw the BET S.O.S. (Save Ourselves) and for once I was proud that BET stepped up to the plate. I was a little upset that it took so long it seemed to organize the show because other shows were done within the first week of Katrina.
You know the comments that Kanye West made have already been said by countless number of black people. So he said it on TV. White people in power didn't like it because it reflects badly on them again because of their general behavior.
I'm wondering what's going to happen to Kanye. Now mind you after Kanye made his comments the Bush Administration went down to Atlanta and got TD Jakes and a few other "black folks" to dispute what Kanye West said. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? That made me a little disappointed in Jakes to allow himself to be used in such a manner.
But anyway, I enjoyed the show. My favorites were Erykah Badu (nice sermon she made), Jill Scott (who's song from her first album was totally appropriate) and Mary J. Blige who ended up crying and had me crying all over again. Frown
I didn't watch it; do'nt watch much BET, my almost 80 year old aunt and mother did. Both 'enjoyed' it as much as they could, but my mother was horrified (while my 19 year old niece was hysterical) at comedian Steve Harvey's incessant need to 'lift [himself]' ekevery few minutes, while sharing host responsibilities with 'Queen Latifah. Please do'nt ask me to provide a denotative or conotative definition of 'lifting'/himself' sckhah!
i'm sorry i missed that-erykah and jill are two of my fav. singers. was it run like a telethon or just a regular show? Is it being shown on their website? i don't have cable.
I thought kayne was brave to say what he said on tv. it was too funny that he said that standing next to mike myers (a white man) who then had to follow him with his on little spill. i respected kayne for what he said because it seemed like he was talking from his heart where as mike myers was reading straight from the telepromter.

nayo-why was he "lifting" himself? was he doing it purposely as a part of his comedy or what?-totally inappropriate either way.
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"nayo-why was he "lifting" himself? was he doing it purposely as a part of his comedy or what?-totally inappropriate either way...."

'MsPrettygirl,': I did not watch the BET-SOS, telethon, a few of my relatives did, and all noticed this behavior of Mr. Harvey. I am only reiterating what was told to me. Did any of you who watched the BET-SOS, notice this idiosyncratic behavior of Mr. Harvey?
Darn, I missed it. But I'll BET (get it?) it was your typical black entertainment minstrel show with black folks busting a gut laughing at anti-whitey jokes.

As for Kanye West, I've never heard his music, but I'm certain his career is now toast. Lots of white folks are pledging to boycott his CDs and make their multiculturally-brainwashed kids do the same.

Hopefully, "conscious" blacks like Ysissy, so quick to endorse boorish behavior by black celebrities, will buy a half-dozen each of West's next CDs to make up the sales losses. The extra ones make cool mini-Frisbees! laugh

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