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  Ben Carson wants to roll back an rule that will encourage discrimination in the housing program.  As everyone is focusing on the WH circus, clowns like Carson are sneaking the dismantlement of an issue many black folks died for.  I can't download the story.  Tried to but it wouldn't paste.  So to get the full throttle of the story, please read it.  Can someone place it for all to read. Or you can just share your thoughts.    Thanks.  But!

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  If the civil rights advocates  don't SUE HUD....many blacks will be back to segegration and jim crow.  Black folks cannot sleep on this cuz it affect fannie mae loan programs as well loans for first time buyers.  And if you happen to be black?  You are sh&t out of luck.  Time to fight this is NOW.  I always thought that it was congress to implement federal laws.  Isn't it against federal law to discriminate for housing as well as in employment, public facilities?  Wasn't that what the WHOLE civil rights movement was all about?   And now we have stepit Carson fetch it. [ I like your analogy of him sista Norland.] Cooning all day long with his white teeth....grinning like stepit fetch it used to do back in the 40s.  Black folks better stop being distracted by all this puff dancing cuz as soon as the music stops...their asses gon be BACK living in rat-infected projects.  We are a trillion dollar market base......we can get this fool. Sue his ass NOW.   Cuz the prez got so many fires to put out, he doesn't have the time to get thiss done too.  So.  Let's give Fetch it his money worth.  And he soon gon be just Omarosa…...singing like a bird when blackfolks REALLY kick his ass to the curb and will be only the few coons left in WH.  Nawl he won't be able to handle that.  Dont care how much money Trump is giving him.  One day.....Carson is gonna wig out.   Big time.  He's gonna spill more beans if Trumps pisses him off.  Cuz its a coming.  And look the rest of Trump's black soldiers are NEXT!!!!  So they better NOT get to comfy cuz they will have to come to the black community one day..... and it aint gon be pretty.    But! 

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As long as we live among these folks called "white", we're NEVER going to be free. They're going to see to that. They're afraid we'll retaliate against them for all the shit they've done for 400 years, and they're going to see that they STAY in control. We can't do shit without them. We go to their stores, wear their clothes, eat the foods they eat, wear their hair streaming down our backs, looking all kinds of ridiculous, we buy their cars, live in their apartments, projects, houses, you name it; they do it; we do it too. If we screw up their laws, they'll throw your black ass into the Human Zoo. Years ago, they threw us in the Animal Zoo. There's something extremely WRONG with these folks called "white." I'm not even sure they're "folks."


Talk about 'Stockholm Sydrome'; a person who very likely would have been homeless, living on the streets or under a bridge growing up, had it not been for 'government' housing, growing up to be the very person who literally wants to put millions of Americans families in a position where they likely will have no where else to go, but the streets, under a bridge, etc.

What's worse, is the fact that HUD has been FLEECED by Congress allowing HUD money to be given to million/billionaires for property development schemes. 

Scheemes like most of the Gentrification Scam taking place across the country being nothing but a way to price Black people out of the cities across America, because corporations that fleed to the "suburbs" decades ago, have now moved to overseas, leaving the only jobs being white-collar, service industry, computers, and medical fields as the only jobs [other than teaching] America is left with. 

With city/urban 'hubs' feasibly being the most practical local, etc. for such jobs, the same goes for housing for employees [and their families] that will fill those positions.  

So,  things like Carson pulling the rug from under so many people's feet, and a Congress/government so corrupt that it is literally giving HUD money to millionaires/billionaires in stead of needy families, is going to leave millions with no where to go.

Well, a bunch of black people living under bridges, ain't gonna be cute, that's for sure!! They'll all turn into that "beat 'em up" cop. Half of them are there already. Bullets are going to be flying everywhere; you know they can't aim worth a damn. shitting in the woods is not my cup of tea nor is bathing in rivers. I hope I'm dead before this shit happens. Lord help my family and everyone else's.  This joint is going to be renamed "The Disunited States of Syria."

  You're so right sista Sunnubian.  It's the same scheme they did in NY when they wanted to build that Metro system designed in the middle of the black/latino communities....USING government money to do it.  The same way they are doing in Cali with this metro system running through the heart of the black community....many white folks are now moving in....pushing blacks who have been there for years out by raising the price of housing on fair market.  The are building HUD project like housing on the outskrits-you know where the fires are?  Use to be white folks lived out they're coming back and tryin to take over.  Already been a few protests in front the Crenshaw Mall.  White foks can be seen walking their dogs down a high crime major street or down a residential area known for gang activity at all times of the day/night.  Black folks look at em like are you crazy?  Do you know where you are?  Yes they know exactly.  And sneaking back in and buying up all the choice spots....gentrification alright.  They are tired of the fires....the long commute....and wanna be near the beach.  So they are coming back in droves.  It's happening all over....where black folks are here in Cali.  And Carson will make it worse,  But I sure before that happens his ass gon be SUED.  Cuz black folks are slowly waking up and seeing what time it is.  And are now unafraid!!!  If they have to take Carson down?   They will.   But!   

Those fires in Calif. look like the depths of hell have opened up ten fold. How the hell people breathe is beyond me. I told my husband that if it was us losing all our belongings, we'd be heading somewhere NEVER looking back. It looks like the entire state is ablaze. America needs Jesus and needs Him quick, fast and in a hurry. It needs to remove SATAN out of the Oval Office.

  It's been record heat these days in Cali as why there are so many fires and why it's so dry.  The places where most of the fires are....are in areas where fires ignite naturally but white folks chose to live there anyway-making it worse.  Also the fires are mainly on the outskirts of cities...where hills have dry bush and weeds and can burn wildly.  So the fire can start in these open areas and travel downward near highways and cities.....    A lot folks lost their homes living close by these open high fire risk areas or their backyards are in those open field areas.  Out of 18 fires, two or three so far have been found to be deliberately set.  One by that crazed man who threaten his neighbors and the fire fighters.  And by the car fire...which I think is the one called the Holy Fire.  I don't remember the story about the third person.   And I am unsure about a few of em in terms of what caused them to ignite.  However, these fires [this year] are historic and unprecedented although we have wild fires every year.....but normally Cali don't have over 5 fires burning at the same time. 

So with a combination of all these freaking heat waves, crazy folks and dry brittle land...something horrific was bound to happen.  Special note.  Most fires are outside the city limits.  Places Riverside, Santa Clarita  and Corona-just to name a few- are surrounded by deep terrain and are also where a lot fruit trees are planted/agriculture are located and where open land stretch for miles.  A fire burned near some apt buildings but if you look at the news video you will see the open field the building is built on.  But  having said that, Sista Norand I think you are on to something though.  Cuz it does appear that this country is expressing it's unhappiness/anger about the presidency pouting its dismay with unstable weather patterns that can be seen all across the nation.  There are floodings, heavy stormy rains and sweltering heat waves.   I don't remember when America's weather  has been this overwhelming simultaneously.  Tells volumes about what's happening.   But!          

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Koco, the Slave Spirits are creating havoc with these Japanese Snow Monkeys. After the fires comes the mud slides with houses with the folks in them rolling down to the highways. That's some shit personified. White folks try their damndest to get away from black folks, next thing they know someone's digging them up from muddy graves or else a tsunami rolled them out to the sharks. They need to go BACK TO THEIR COUNTRIES OF ORIGINATION. It ain't the good ole USA. Ireland, Scotland, England come and get your REJECTS. WE the people of beautiful colorations  are tired of them.

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@Sista Norland  You are exactly right!  And they need to take their lies with them.  After long contemplation,  I decided to return teaching Black  history.  Only because academically some black scholars continue to be silent about our  legacy and allow massa to continue with his lies.  I just can't take it anymore.  In school, I watch these "coons" affirm the fake truth about our history as if it began in 1619 on the shores of Virginia.  This is why our black males continue to fail in public school cuz who wants to be identify with being [merely] a slave?  There is more to us than being massa's servants....and let's look at massa's diseased ridden  history shall we?   I have to correct these professors constantly-who [try] to look down on me and turn their noses up saying subliminally who the fock are you?  I see it and I stand up in their faces and say  with pride "I am a student of African history before you were ever born.  I got the raw real history of who we are...when it was mandated to teach black history in public schools back in the day.  So what you have?  Is nothing more than watered down white man lies about black history.  He made it all up cuz he really doesn't know."    I am sooooo glad I kept certain books like Stolen Legacy, the Destruction of Black civilizations, the Isis papers just to name a few cuz these Mercedes SUV driving Afro twist idiots believe what massa says about us.  And then they wanna arrogantly call themselves knowledgeable about black history-LIARS!  But!   


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Look, when a dude can murder his beautiful children and pregnant wife because he has another, and so-called "Priests" are poking little boys and girls forever and a day with their itty bitty witties, in the name of Jesus, blowing smoke all over the cathedrals dressed in KLAN robe look-alikes,that should tell everyone there's something extremely WRONG with these motherfuckers. Not to even mention the Orange Balloon, Japanese Monkeys are calling "President". This joint's heading straight down the tubes and our black asses are going right along with the Monkeys and the Joint in the name of JESUS.

I'll bet we'll show them WHO the REAL SILVERBACKS are then!!!!!!!!!!

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  That may be true my sista but I ain't following massa nowhere-he gon have to take me kicking and screaming.  I just heard that China is holding 1 million Muslims in encroached camps hidden from the public-the news leaked out a couple of days ago.  That's the same thang massa did with the Japanese.  All this stuff happening is KARMA!  Bottom line.  These animals have been doing this shyte way before they came to Africa and got us.    So it's between them and their white Jesus.   Im just gonna stand by and watch with a glass of bottomless mimosa and let the chips fall where they may.  Cuz  before blackfolks go down with the ship most will already be gone from all the black on black killings in Chicago, Detroit, St, Louis, Baltimore, etc.  By the time the ship begins to sink, it will probably be few blacks left.  Just sayin.  But!  

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  You're right sista Norland.  I made that comment the other day about climate change with all these crazy ass weather patterns lately.  With Cali experiencing early heat waves back to back.....the crazy weather in the Midwest and on the east coast.....all at the same time.  You are exactly on point.  There is something in the air that's bringing all these racist fools out.   And it's so foul that it's changing America's climate.  I haven't seen anything like this in my lifetime.  And I remember both major earthquakes in Cali.  So.  This is unreal.  But.       

Racism's nothing but some serious mental illness. White folks teach that shit from the womb. I think that's why their faces look like elephant's asses by age 35. Scowling, hating, beating the crap out of people. That shit gets old. One day, probably not in my lifetime, but someone's going to fight back. I know when I was going to school, a knock upside the head worked wonders until the next day when the "itch" needed a repeat. I made Muhammad proud for a minute. "Itch" was too dumb to learn. I hope she doesn't have dementia these days.

Koco, my "getting buzz days" are over. I gotta try to keep both feet out the grave. You know the deal!!!!!Enjoy that Mimosa; I'll keep drinking my little bottles of Koolaide and that water to flush out the kidneys. Dialysis ya know!!!! This is what happens to some folks when they get older than cat shit!!!!! That's me!!!!!!

  My sista sorry to hear about your dialysis.   To me?  You are ageless with a heart of gold.  And that's what keeps folks young....that "heart."  You are funny and wise and such a delight filled with so much joy!  You make me proud to know you....and I never think about your age-quite frankly I can't tell.  And for me  I always think about the many rich experiences you share here on the board.  My sista you are definitely a gift to us and a rare treasure to our culture!  But! 

I love you guys. I've been going to dialysis for a year now. It's like going to work three days a week. I go early at 6:00 a.m., so I can get the hell out of there and have the rest of the day to ourselves. I have buddies there too. We're like family; all going through the same jazz. Some are much worse than others and sometimes buddies die. The nurses don't gossip, so we have to deal with the losses in our own way, which we do. My three closest buddies are older than me, so they call me "the kid." That makes me feel good with a 40 year granddaughter. Do you think I'm 101 years old?? I'm not!! Was a damn young grandmother though. Have 12 greats and 6 grands. Still think I'm 101?? Nope!! Do have a league of Nations though. When a few nationalities hit your blood line, prejudice's a superb waste of time. That line is for all the "Trumpsters." For all we know, he might be affiliated with a little 'Darkie' of his own. It be's like that sometimes. Strom Thurmond should come to mind!! Mick Jagger too. White men are so full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough preaching for the moment. Life is not a bowl of cherries, but it's nice to have.


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