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As most Americans, I've been following this pretty close and doing my own research. It seems other states have been doing the same as they are looking to draft their own legislation regarding illegals. The US is suing but the suit is not a head on attack but rather an end around.
I heard something on Fox this morning (still looking for the actual case) but this has been assdessed before in the courts in NH or Vermont I think and the courts upheld the states rights to strengthen the federal law/standards.

My question to the estemed community, what are the chances the SCOTUS backs the administration (we know this is going all the way)? Personally I don't think they have a chance in hell and if other states follow suit the POTUS and his administration will be between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

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Regardless of the consideration for what is the "right" or "wrong" way to decide  ... I wouldn't expect this Supreme Court to side with the Obama Administration on this issue.  It would be different if the SC were truly an unbiased, non-partisan judicial body.  But, they're not!  They are split down politically-biased lines - with the Conservatives in the majority - and I believe that is the way most of their decisions will fall.

I think the 2000 selection of GeeDubya as president proved that. 

With the flimsiness of the government's argument on this, I have to wonder if the President really had any intention of bring a viable case to the court ... of if this isn't just some political-appeasement for Hispanic's sake so that the Dems don't lose them as voters in the upcoming election.

Neither party wants to wage that war before the Nov. mid-term elections ... the potential for casualties is too great for either side to want to stir up that hornet's nest and take that chance!!    But, politically ... the President HAD to do something other than give the perception that he was standing around and twiddling his thumbs while  AZ engaged in a state-sponsored campaign of 'ethnic cleansing' of Hispanics!
I think that it will go as it always does by the SCOTUS: a 5 to 4 decision leaning in the postitve for the individual states (mainly the red states) to inact their version of AZ immigration law and I agree with ER, the lawsuit that's being brought by the POTUS cannot be a watered down defense just to appeal for votes but a very strong defense and alternative to what AZ proposes since AZ has the advantage in this since they developed their laws (no matter how racist) and are actually pressuring the POTUS to back peddle and act on this now as opposed to when he really wanted to.

And for South Carolina and the rest of these no crossing border, farming heavy states?. You can't trust those racist political bastards to be fair about anything. Just like but unlike AZ, they have no border to cross, they purposely brought in and NEEDED immigrants to do one thing: all the field manual labor that they have since Blacks have moved on and won't go back in the fields. A very few Blacks (older & unemployed who grew up knowing how to do this) will still work to get an end of the week, written personal check for daily/weekly cash to help with bills or to get his weekend reefer high, beer and hard liquor drink on but doing any long term type work? No way.

These immigrants are doing the same exact back breaking thing I did when my family sharecropped and I got paid $8-12 dollars a day during my pre-teen/teenager years on a seasonal and annual basis, now with modernized equipment.

Immigrants did not come to SC because there was work that they heard about, SC went to Florida and other states and got them, housed them in hotel rooms, old mobile homes and trailer parks, old deficient or makeshift houses (I even saw them convert an old tobacco barn by my aunt's home that we used to dry tobacco into living quarters in the 80's), paid them advances and hired them to drive the tractors, the combines, plants all the crops, maintain their growth, harvest the cotton, the tobacco, the corn, the wheat, the cucumbers, the sunflowers, the soybeans and all the annual rotational seasonal crops and once that was covered, then it was the lowly paid personal services, the home care, the lawn care, the modified version of the nanny, the maid, the butler, the home fixer upper etc. .

When the harvest season was over, many of the immigrants stayed on (based on the workload) were sent back to Florida or wherever they came from by the White farmers.They would personally take them back or arrange for them to go back home on buses or trains.

And now that the population of those immigrants have increased many fold and are now living there, working in the factories (by those SC employees) for cheap labor, low wages with no benefits, shopping in the grocery stores, shopping in the malls, eating in the restaurants, going to the movies, taking their kids to daycare, kids in the schools, kids dating their sons and daughters, driving cars, staying at the hotels/motels instead of all immigrants cleaning them, having families and physically mingling and living among the Whites SC residents all over the state, now they have a "public & social problem" peppered with White fear and "crime statistics" (in which I don't believe) and now want to unpopulate the state of them but only just enough to maintain the field work and personal services status quo since no Blacks and no Whites will take their place. NOT IN THAT S.C.HEAT!!...but the field and factory work (legal or illegial) still has to be done and if their version of the law is enacted, they expect the legal Hispanic to replace the illegials and perform the field work.....Blacks & White will get first dibs but you know that ain't gonna despite the new immigration law, the politicans and power players across the state will circumvent the system and the illegails will still be doing the no changes unless you're caught....the same as it is now but with a lesser overall Hispanic population that looks good on a bar graph presentation.

The problem I have with the White House is that they are way too academic and lean to heavily on that at times to solve major real world problems. They do everyhing with a stroke of a pen; from behind their desk and don't go out and actually see as the late Bernie Mac would say "see what the fuck is really going's on". In this situation, you have to get out and get your hands dirty; the boots on the ground field work, talk to these people actually doing the work in order to find out what's really happening and not let the power players and politcans bullshit you with a wine & dine prepared tour and power point presentation. In other words, don't do town halls for show or make a speech on the ground.

Trust but verify but it may be way too late for that.

The POTUS and his adminstration need to address this in a pure human form of realism on the ground to express exactly what's going on here and not prepared statistics to try to politically appease for the Hispanic vote. This can't be a speech or a controlled QA session,,.... it has to actual, factual, truthful and it has to really hit home.
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I was disappointed to hear what the Justice Department and Obama have decided to do, but I understand their move. If the federal government had done their job (Reagan, Bush 43, Clinton and Bush Jr), Arizona would not have had to make such a law. None of the former presidents did anything about the massive hemorrhaging at the borders and Bush Jr could have secured them under Home Land Security. He steadfastly refused to do so. And Obama is not going to do anything other than play lip service. To be honest, I’m not that comfortable with the AZ law but I understand their desperation to do something since the federal government has refused to do anything. The feds are suing the state of AZ for infringing on their job of conducting border security and immigration policy. Well, I support what AZ is doing (in spirit) but you can believe there will be hold on implementing the law until it is settled in federal court. I don’t think they (AZ) are going to win….

I am all the way with Arizona on this one. This is not about race, but citizenship. If you are illegal, bye bye then. If you were not man or woman enough to keep your own corrupt government in place, tough on them. If the United States wants to do it out of the kindness of their hearts, go kick out the corrupt officials in the Mexician gov then or where ever else. Yet, that won't happen, because the U.S gov is known to go into other nations and use them up for their resources. Lets not forget the Illegals are a political tool as well, but they need to go...but deal with Big Government by lessen the powers it has then deal with the illegal issue later.
Quote by Willywill3: "I am all the way with Arizona on this one. This is not about race, but citizenship"

This is all about big business and "corporate" citizenship, race, labor and work.

Who are going to replace the millions of illegial workers who ensure (by their physical back breaking cheap labor in seasonal 90+ degree heat and freezing temperatures) that you have adequate food in your groceries and on your dining room dinner table and restaurants (something that you never think about and how it got there) for you and your family to eat 24/7. 365 breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner? The legal American Hispanic? The Blacks? the Whites? Some other ethnic group?

Or (1) do we run off the majority of Hispanics and keep "just enough around" to continue the work......or...(2) "circumvent" the system to constantly avoid and disrespect the new laws.. (3) hire "just out of high school" or unemployed White Becky Ann, Andy or Black Keisha or Daquan to do it full or part-time (good luck with that) or (4) are you going to "do the right thing", get hired and do it? Pick, harvest and process the fruits and vegtables?'s all American and the work has to be done.....lawn care? construction?....home/house services....oh yea, Americans will do that but will they do the "really hard work" that will be left to be done?.......the sharecropping days are over....and technologies needed to totally replace the human body in the labor fields; the illegial immigrant worker, has yet to be invented.
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