Told the girl my feelings and she didn't accept me.In true drama style I turned my back and threw a rose on the ground.She appreciated the gesture and picked up the rose.Where else can I find someone who is as beautiful on the outside and inside as her?Now I'm gonna throw up,and listen to Against All Odds in order to force myself to face reality and force myself to cry using that song since I can't cry.

Even sent her a Midi of that song and remodified the lyrics to remind her of the humour we shared.We could have been such a perfect couple. Frown Frown Frown

Going to drink repeated cups of alcohol mixed with Coke if I get the chance this weekend.
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I am trying very hard not to laugh, but I can't help it please forgive me this is very funny.



On a more serious note. From your recent posts you seem to fall in and out of love very easily, so I am confident you would get over this setback.
Put it down to experience
By the way Ebony it's all your fault telling felix to be honest with the girl. When was the last time that advice ever worked. Big Grin
felix ...

I know you probably feel bad, but you shouldn't!! At least you were honest ... now you just have to learn to do it from the beginning! By hiding your feelings as they were developing, you may have missed the chance to have her develop them with you! Since she thought there was no chance, she probably put her focus elsewhere!

It's okay ... get drunk (it can't hurt, as long as you stay indoors afterwards! Big Grin)

And next time, leave the dramatics out of it! The rose was a great idea Smile And if you hadn't turned your back on her, she might be willing to give you a chance somewhere down the road! If not, just be ready for that next "beautiful person" and don't let grass grow under your feet when you do! Smile
EbonyRose's advice is good... EXCEPT for the part about getting drunk, if you're not 21 yet. Good luck with the women, and with the upcoming semester.
"Lol...Is this for real?"

Of course it's real dude!My life has been nothing but a gung fu novel.There's too much drama involved I don't know where to begin.

If the timing is right,in 20 years I might actually have to be grateful for this incident if I become a great swordsman.But I'm still extremely sad though. Frown Frown
EVERYTHING happens for a reason - if it was meant to be, it would have happened.

If you never approached her, you would never have known.
Sorry, sweetie. As I mentioned previously, you started out attempting to use her to get next to someone else. That is not the basis for a relationship. Take your time ... learn the lesson.

Get to know yourself and what you truly desire before you attempt to entangle yourself with someone else.

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