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Originally posted by Diamond:
There is no rational reason to believe in God. Those who do believe base their belief on personal experiences and instilled values. Did your belief start out years ago and manifested itself over a period of time or was it one profound experience that brought you in to the fold of believers?

I came to believe in God when I realized that we breath in O2 and breath out CO2, and plants do the opposite. IMO, nothing but a "higher power" could do that.

What about you?
My own belief is based on my childhood learning as a Sunday school student and then a personal experience at the age of 14 years old made me a believer. As fate would have it, I was going through a tough period where death would've been welcomed. There was no one who could help me through my circumstance. Unfortunately, parents could not take control and make things right for me. So, I prayed a heart felt prayer that I knew in the fiber of my being was being heard. In a short time, to my surprise, my pray had been answered. As it is with answered prayers, my prayer was answered in a totally different way than I expected but a more perfect and pleasing way. There were other experiences since then but I can say with certainty it was at 14 years of age I first believed, there is a God. As an adult instead of relying on my intellectual cogitation, I use my faith to get me through when the evidence/circumstance is against me.

God is good. All the time.
I think I have always believed in God ... God was someone that just existed, because my parents said He did, and I suppose it would be more accurate for me to say that nothing ever happened to make me change that impression, so to me, it has always been that there was a God.

However, living and experience has reinforced that for me day in and day out, so that now I guess I believe because I believe and not because my parents told me to! Smile

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