Disturbing Study Proves That Cops View Black Children Differently

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Black children in America are under constant assault


AFRICANGLOBE – Black children are seen as older and less innocent than they actually are — particularly by cops, according to a new study published recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The researchers also found that Black children are more likely to be the subjects of dehumanization by police officers, making them subject to higher rates of police violence.


“Children in most societies are considered to be in a distinct group with characteristics such as innocence and the need for protection,” study author Phillip Atiba Goff of UCLA told the American Psychological Association. “Our research found that Black boys can be seen as responsible for their actions at an age when White boys still benefit from the assumption that children are essentially innocent.”


Researchers surveyed 176 police officers, mostly White males in their late 30s, and found thatcops who dehumanize Black children are more likely to have used force against them. These police actions include anything from applying wrist locks, to striking the youth with blunt objects, to unleashing police dogs in their presence, to showering them with tear gas or even killing them.


Researchers also tested the officers for racial prejudices by presenting them with statements such as, “It is likely that Blacks will bring violence to neighborhoods when they move in.”


In a related experiment in the study, researchers asked 264 mostly White, female undergraduate students at public universities in the U.S. to rate the innocence of Black, White and racially unidentifiable youth. These results showed little difference for subjects up to the age of 9 , but once they hit 10, the students judged Black children to be considerably less innocent than their peers.


Similarly, the students were asked to guess the age and criminality of White, Black and Latino teenagers. These subjects overestimated the age of Black teens by a staggering four and a half years, and also judged them to be less innocent than their peers.


“With the average age overestimation for Black boys exceeding four-and-a-half years, in some cases, Black children may be viewed as adults when they are just 13 years old,” study co-author Matthew Jackson, also of UCLA, noted.

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The study is eye-opening because it draws a connection between racial bias and the innocence of children. While racial bias has been linked to harsher treatment of Black people in the past, the study reports, “Racial prejudice has not previously been linked to treating individuals as if they are older than they are. In fact, racially disparate treatment of children has rarely been studied by social psychologists.”


While this study is new territory for psychologists, it is just the latest in a string of evidence that shows how Black people are perceived differently in the public eye. During the murder trial of George Zimmerman last summer, Jason Silverstein wrote a piece for Slate emphasizing a percieved racial empathy gap in America. He cited research showing that people who watched others undergo a painful experience felt that pain more acutely themselves when the victim was White rather than Black. It’s not that Black people’s pain gets disregarded by others, he points out, “The problem is that the pain isn’t even felt.”


Studies may also help explain why in 83% of Stop-and-Frisk cases, the subject was Black or non-White, and only 1.5% of more than 2 million people stopped were found to have weapons, according to data collected between Jan. 2004 and June 2012. This trend suggests that police officers expect Black people to be more culpable than they are.


Finally, YouTube duo Simple Misfits explored how the public reacts differently to a Black man and a White man seemingly trying to break into a car. People walking down the sidewalk don’t bat an eyelid when the White guy tries to steal a car, even though he’s clearly hacking at the lock with a crowbar and the car’s siren is beeping loudly. He lasts 30 minutes without being interrupted, and a police officer even drives past without turning his head. The Black guy lasts two minutes before a cop shows up and says, “Let me see your f*cking hands. Get up against the wall.”


This study shows, yet again, how widespread racial biases lead to the unfair judgement and treatment of Black people — especially Black youths — in the U.S. judicial system.


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You're right. No surprise at all.


I also noticed the media will use terms such as 'young male(female)' or 'young man(woman)' when referring to our children, even when the child in question is a toddler. White parents have innocent children. Black parents have young men and women (potential criminals). SMH


Originally Posted by EarthAndSky:

You're right. No surprise at all.


I also noticed the media will use terms such as 'young male(female)' or 'young man(woman)' when referring to our children, even when the child in question is a toddler. White parents have innocent children. Black parents have young men and women (potential criminals). SMH



This goes all the way back to Plantation Psychology that excused White males' pedophilia with Black children, where spreading the misconception that Black girls "matured earlier" than White girls originated.  


See why Black people have to be careful of the bandwagons they are too quick these days to jump onto when it come to their own race, i.e., the exaggerated propaganda all over the internet that "little Black girls reach "puberty" sooner than little White girls, etc., etc.  


Far too many Black people are allowing themselves are to be brainwashed by the very propaganda put out there to destroy the image of Black people, the Black race, Black males, young Black males, Black women and Black children, by supporting, advocating, and spreading the racist concocted falsehoods and exaggerations of that very propaganda.  

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  The look on that young man's face makes me wanna go KNOCK the officer down and take him home or away from harm.  The subliminal message this sends is ageless.  White people show no empathy for our children...as why I have very extremely little for theirs.  But!

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

 The subliminal message this sends is ageless.  White people show no empathy for our children...as why I have very extremely little for theirs.  But!


That is how it is intended for the majority of the Racist Propaganda against Black people to work in the first, particularly against young Black males, and more and more against Black women and Black mothers, especially single Black mothers, AND Black children in general.  


It is all disguised as "Rap music" and "Rap Videos" and "comedy" and "tv shows" and "movies" and "news" and "op-ads", using Black people to play the parts of the roles devised to destroy image of the Black race.  


This not only renders the Black race stripped and void of any and/or all possible allies in our struggle against oppression, it uses Black people to do it.  

  You know this was weighing heavy on my heart so I did some research.  I couldn't believe that massa would MISTREAT an innocent black child in broad daylight....so I went searching and this is what I found:  


Posted on September 27th, 2011

 Watch 7-year old Fugitive Kevin Get Arrested for Stealing Bikes![Video]


Kevin gets Arrested. His Rights are read to him. He says he understands them, but I doubt it. Like so many others arrested with a 5th grade education level. Is reading the rights still necessary? It is always our right to remain silent or be free to speak. It should also be our right to be told the truth.


Actually Kevin was hanging with the wrong crowd and stealing bikes. His relative had him mock arrested to teach him a lesson.


- See more at: http://bossip.com/464304/watch...sthash.drz6pTf8.dpuf

 See more at: http://bossip.com/464304/watch...d-for-stealing-bikes



This was the closest tag I could find since the video itself is almost 3 years old.  I am totally sensitive when it comes to our children.  I was looking for the city and state this video was shot so that I could reach out and find out exactly what happened in this instance to get a police officer to arrest a kid when there are soooooooo many violent and crazy criminals out in the streets.  I couldn't rest until I found something.  But!  I still stand by what I said earlier when I said : white people show no empathy for our children as why I have very extremely little for theirs.  I meant that.  Cuz there are so many other circumstances where the video cameras are not on and our children are beaten and killed by over zealous police officers who do not have a moral compass when it comes to our kids.


 But my feet were off and running to find the origin of this video,  Do I feel better that this was arranged by family members?  No.  Cuz I can't remove the look of disparity on his face.  He's just a kid.  But. We still need to teach our children right from wrong.  But!

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 But my feet were off and running to find the origin of this video,  Do I feel better that this was arranged by family members?  



Neither do I feel any better with the knowledge that the particular picture used was that of a young Black child whose parents arranged mock arrest to teach him a lesson.  


The disturbing facts in the article are a true assessment of what is happening to our children.


Adolescent behavior in Black children is criminalized beginning with public schools starting with them being as young as 6 or 7 years old.  Black children are suspended for the slightest infraction and expelled from school at higher rates.  


America's racist propaganda machine along with the racist sentiment that makes up the mindset and opinion of at least half of the American population is responsible for the abject contempt and lack of empathy most Americans hold in their hearts and minds for Black people, even Black children.  


Abject contempt and lack of empathy along with the most vile mythology about Black people, even Black children is born out of racist White ignorance and racial sadism which permeates every facet of our society.


School teachers, police officers, prosecutors, judges, those chosen to sit on juries, all the people who can have lifelong or permanent effects on our children's lives are using the authority and trust bestowed to them to exact their racist ignorance and racist beliefs onto our children and our children's lives.  


To say that they  don't see Black children as children,or that they don't see Black children as having any innocence only serves to give them an excuse for their vile behavior towards Black children, when the truth is that racists don't care if Black children are children and they don't care if Black children have any innocence in them any more than a hyena on the Serengeti would.  

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 You're right my sista!  Even younger than that.  How about...in the womb?  It starts there if you think about it.  Our children's destiny has always been in some other person's hand.  Since slavery.  They don't wanna let go of this bullshyte.  We are not animals.  We're human beings....and I think when money come into play, massa's judgment gets cloudy.   And he turns into the beast he really is.  Cuz then...everybody's a slave to him.


I just wished that we as black people would just focking wake up and stop playing.  This is not a game. We really need to re-unify.  Cuz white boy and his croonies won't mind reversing the time.  They don't care.   Our children are our responsibility.  And we ain't got time to shuckle and jive. In a minute, most of our children will end up straight from cradle to cell-the new plantation.  I remember back in the day when we use to give each other empathy as a united front. And the children were definitely behind its shield.  What happened?  We need to revisit this.  Really.     But!  

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