Greetings just relocated to Phoenix from the mighty Chicago Illinois. But my question is where are we at? ANd especially are there any sisters down here. Any brothers and sisters living in the Phoenix area give me a holla and may God Bless. Looking forward to discussing, healthy challenging conversation on this board.
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Chicago? Why did you leave? There is a thriving Mosque in Phoenix... Why are you searching for like minds here? And especially, I'm assuming you're male (ExtremeFOI) why are you looking for sisters....? Ummmmmm..... that seems odd to me......

Am I on the wrong forum. THe black woman is the greatest WOman on the planet earth. I moved here because of ( a job transfer ) LOL. I have never been to the Mosque in Phoenix. Extreme FOI yes!! and i can back that name up! LOL
Odd? No whats odd about , hey i am in Phoenix and i noticed that black people are few and fart between but maybe i live in the wrong part of Phoenix, Help me out. YOu seem familiar with this place??
Originally posted by ExtremeFOI:
Am I on the wrong forum. THe black woman is the greatest WOman on the planet earth.


ooooooookay....... I'll just leave that alone.....

I moved here because of ( a job transfer ) LOL. Like minds as in I only talk to muslims who are in the Nation. ( and which NOI you talkin about ??)

Okay brother..... I see where you're coming from....


Your online name is well suited....

No I am not that shallow, I talk to all our people with a variety of philosophies beliefs and actions. COME ON SIS DONT BE so quick to judge.
thanks for the response.
I am at work killing time??
Ummmmm...... no I'm not judging you.....

Enjoy your stay....

Peace to you....
Welcome to da desert, ExtremeFOI.

I'm down here in Tucson, and travel to Phoenix weekly.

If you haven't discovered this yet, you'll find that housing patterns in AZ are not like those in the midwest. I'm orginally from Ohio. When I first got to AZ, after 4 weeks of never seeing more than 2 Black folk in the same space, I actually went looking for the train tracks. lol

But that said, South Phoenix has the highest concentration of Black folk. P.M. me and maybe I can help you get your bearings.

And Yep, Phoenix does get hot.

Originally posted by ExtremeFOI:
Peace Brother Kai
7 years under the Minister (current)
4 under John Muhammad


Praise be to Allah brother, I am a member of The NOI in Detroit, I am also with the Minister. And yes, bruh, I play chess...You Push???

Brother, you will see me and another speaking the language in this cipher, do not be dismayed, remember what the lessons say in regards to speaking the language..and our requirement to speak well...A word to the wise...

Much Success to you...

Your brother,

L.K. Muhammad

aka Kai

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