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With a neighbor this weekend and she was telling us about the kids that live next door to her and that come to play with her children. In nutshell, they are bad. They have no home training.

So do you think children are a reflection of poor parenting? Is it that parents try, but have to work against to many social obstacles like movies, t.v. and exposure to other bad kids?
_______________________ "Morality cannot be legislated but behaviour can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart but they can restrain the heartless." Martin Luther King.
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Parents and family are the primary teachers, not the only teachers

Yes. But what is being taught? It's strange that if someone outside the home wants to "teach" the child something like sex ed or religion, parents are quick to point out that they will not allow these outside influences. But will stand by and allow all kinds of other bad influences or even BE the bad influence
Yes I think as a young person what my mum and dad told me to do or not do was a massive influence on me. But they never influenced their own opinions on me. I was always taught to do what was right for me. But If you do not bother teaching your children what is right or wrong, giving them some guidance they will properly end up doing something wrong, and then being judged and so on. You can never be sure what to do anyway as parenting doesn't come with a manual, so something you think is right could be wrong and so forth. bang
It depends on the ages of the children and whether or not they have reached the age of reason. If the children are very young (pre-school), they should not be permitted to be outside unsupervized and terrorize yall's neighborhood. If a child misbehaves at a neighbor's home or yard, they should be told to get ta steppin.

Parents can no more take the blame for the failures of their children than they can take the credit for their successes. Parents can lead, guide, and influence, but children are individuals and make their own choices.
Parents can lead, guide, and influence, but children are individuals and make their own choices.

Yes. I agree that it should be a goal for parents to raise children that will make smart choices but it sems that they are not doing anyting but putting cloths on their backs and sending them out into the world.

Home training and manners are things of the past.
I would say it's the child's own personality. We can say the parents and society. But we always seem to leave out the persons own personality. Even if it is kids. Some people are just naturally bad on their own. Without outside influence. Take three kids in a family two of them are good. They are great at school and get good grades. But one out of the two good ones. Always seems just to be a bad apple. Doesn't follow rules. Like the other two. Parents and society can only do so much. To influence that one bad one. They have their own personality. It's always what influences they had.

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