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RadioRaheem posted:
sunnubian posted:

Are Black men disrespectful to Black women on social media?

maybe...I like this podcast. 

I'll check out some of the podcasts.

But, the better question would have been, "Do Black men and Black women disrespect each other on social media?"

It seems to go both ways from stuff I've read on social media.  It seems that there are people that troll Black male/female relationship topics to insult, disrespect, and hate on the opposite sex.  

Considering the position the Black race is on this planet, and struggle we've been in for centuries, and that is still before us, the last thing we should be doing, is insulting, hating on or disrespecting each other, [on social media or in person].  

The Black race must UNIFY to save the Black race and put an end to our collective Oppression and Perpetual Struggle





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  I think BOTH are guilty of disrespecting each other.  Black men some of em  do it because they've seen other black men doing it while growing up.  I think Black women do it because of the shortage of "good" black men and frustration of having to deal with what is left over-after massa's daughters have had their choice.  And this is MY opinion.  Don't have anything to do with nothing else except for the lack of knowledge that many Black men have on their culture and their history in this country.  And it's even more pitiful when black men KNOW their culture and history and STILL choose to be with other women outside their race---it's disgusting and that's when the disrespect comes in.  And not only have Black men disrespect black women on social media, but in music videos, songs calling black women bitches, whores and cunts....first for a long time BEFORE social media existed.  Black women TRADITIONALLY have always been there for Black men especially during slavery and Jim Crow...and the civil rights movement.  So I think Black women's disrespect of Black men is really out of FRUSTRATION.  They need to wake the fock up!     And yes we have more hood rats black females on social media and reality shows these days embarrassing Black culture....but!  Those are not BLACK WOMEN....they are unevolved black females-a BIG difference.  But!

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