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Why do people [Black people] keep posting crap like this on Youtube, etc.?  

Why are there so many Black people out there trying to implant wrong, stupid, irrelevant, and potentially psychologically damaging PROPAGANDA in the psyche of African Americans/Black people,for the sole purpose of drawing attention to themselves and/or their little 'blog', op-ed, Youtube video, etc.?

However, the answer to the title question is, HELL NO.

A man, Black or otherwise, that is a lousy father, is going to be a lousy father to any of his kids; A man, Black or otherwise, that is a good father, is going to be a good father to any of his kids.  

Black men who have bi-racial children are no better [or worse] fathers to those children than they are to their pure Black children.

The type of father a Black man is, has more to do with HIS character and integrity than the race or racial mixture of his children.

I will never for the life of me understand why so many young Black people are wasting so much time on b.s. on the internet and social media.  

Black people are being LYNCHED with complete STATE-SANCTIONED Impunity in this country, Donald Trump has somehow STOLEN a United State Presidential Election, and is rapidly filling his 'administration' with the most vile, dangerous, and psychotic racists he can find; Congress is now in the COMPLETE control of racist republicans, to the point of being only ONE (1) state away from their being able to change the United States Constitution, which would mean America's racists having the power to overturn ALL gains in Civil Rights, all the way back to JIM CROW ERA America, and the power to dismantle the National Healthcare Act and any and all other 'safety nets' in place for ALL [especially African American] American citizens, and African Americans are wasting time on the internet, blogs, Youtube, and social media disseminating and debating exaggerated or erroneous b.s. information and PROPAGANDA.

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Sista Sunnubian wrote:  Why do people [Black people] keep posting crap like this?  

  Cuz they wanna distract what is REALLY happening around them.  They can't deal with the reality of "their" mistake.  So they avoid being accountable....hide under topics....not appear to be "relevant."  Don't wanna talk about the zeitgeist bubbling right in front of their eyes.  They don't know how to process it.  Cuz they never had ANY real struggle.  Well to me this topic it's just not relevant right now...and quite frankly I don't give a fock.  Too many black men are being gunned down or being incarcerated for me to care if those men who are left out there are better father to their bi-racial kids.  Seriously.  Who gives a fock?  We have a maniac in office and this heifer wanna talk penises and vaginas....and what occurred as a result of that activity?  Ah.  Nawl.  I'll pass.  To me this "topic" is ridiculous and a dollop immature.    More convo should be towards this racial war.  Or maybe it's just me.  But!     

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