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Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

 Brotha Jalil wrote:  

Black folks have been a commodity, first as slaves, now as prison issue whose value is in shoveling cash into the ugly belly of the prison industrial beast. We know, 4 of 5 in prison are in for non-violent crime, using drugs. If 4 in 5 were set free, $ billions would be lost. Is it about black folks, per se, or is it always about power, money, resources and theft with incidental genocide thrown in for evil measure on a criminally insane planet? I see the selection of victims as incidental. If you can be used, worked, bled, slaved, and milked for your energy and money, then power/money wants you. There is no power move without a money move. Money is not life’s center but it is survival armor in a soul-less culture.


Exactly my brotha!

I have no hopes for any kind of unity. I remember, for one example, when the Black Panthers were showing the film, Battle of Algiers, like it meant something. When I was in Algeria, I spoke with a working man who had fought on the Arab side against the French. He said the French had severely tortured him, pulled out his fingernails, ouch. His side won and so what. He kind of shrugged his shoulders and said he was a poor man before the revolution and was the same now. His conditions hadn’t changed.

The just person rages in the wilderness. To internally walk with the Supreme, to any degree, that’s as good as it gets. Looking at the evidence of thousands of years, don’t wait around. There’s no expectation, IMHO, of any depraved moderate or radical human institutions admitting their religious and political lies out here in 3-D. That goes triple for so-called civilized groups who commit mass genocide in the name of the idols they worship.


I totally agree.

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all hateful hypocrites, all war-god worshipping cults.


Yep that's right!


Listened more to Farrakhan’s talks to see if I missed something. He’s a separate but equal analogue of white hate preachers with skill in riling people up, the type of guy who angrily blames the Jews if he has a difficult BM. Not enough. Jews seemed to go spiritually downhill after WWII. Their hard-liners think only about survival, babbling about ethics while mistreating Palestinians. As for Christian missionsaries, right, we know! It’s all a social madness cluster-f.


Wow!  You're on a roll. As far as the Jews?  For me they are the BIGGEST thieves cuz they stole something from us more valuable than all the diamonds and gold.  Our identity.  They stole it.  Jews are semites[sp]. Which is a hybrid of two or more races.  Just like Arabs and most Asians.  So how can they be both chosen and nomadic people at the same time?  That's not being children of God.  Not from where I stand.  I see them as the greatest imposters of all time.  By the way...what is a cluster-f? This a new term for me never heard it before.  Is it what I think it is?

Politics, if worth anything, should improve people’s circumstances. Religion, if worth anything, is about unconditional love. Ideas can inspire. Changing people’s circumstances for the better makes more sense than religious ignorance and political arrogance. More between self and God and doing something positive to help others. What else?


You said a mouth full right there my brotha. You are definitely on the money. Cuz every thang you've said is soooo true. As is why I've had difficulty my whole life being in the middle between my moslem father and christian mother and seeing them both lovingly and unconditionally defending the slavers of black people. And both tried to justify slavery and minimize human cruelty from these monsters in their own religious way.  Because of this,  I have always been one to ask questions when I see some form of inequity or injustice even as a child. And so as a result of this conflict of religious interest, I shyed away from being involved with either [what I deemed cult] religions once I was old enough to have a say.  As a matter I'm against ALL religions that subjugate women and [secretly] abuse children.  Cuz that's what most of them do in the dark.  Especially those family cults seen in the mid-west, Cuz really who mostly benefit from these type of religions?  MEN.  MEAN men who socially, emotionally and spiritually abuse both women and their children all in the name of [their] God for their OWN selfish, greedy and perverted reasons.  So no thank you.  I'm gonna pass.


And I'm with you I see no way for REAL unity in the future for OUR people although I still have a little hope for the children, IF and only IF they are thoroughly educated regarding GLOBAL history, their rightful place in it and ALL the positive benefits our race contributed [and still contribute] to the betterment of the modern world. It's important to give them the big picture so they can make a BALANCE decision on what and who to believe in terms of freedom and free will.  


Also I think the "triple three Rs" think we as black people are NOT supposed to SEE the deceit of their made up theology or the fact that they used [their sick an twisted interpretation of] God's name to be manipulative and self-righteous as they took OUR people, OUR resources, and OUR land...and say in straight face this was done in God's name..hal. lay. lu. yer..... amen.  What the ?  Then when we fight back to regain OUR human right to OUR own selves, we are labeled militants, terrorists, savages.  Well hell...what do they CALL what they did to us? Rescue?  How sad.  As why I think they are not humans at all but descendants of unevolved neanderthals.    But!


I get the feeling, Sista Kocolicious, that you fully embrace and go beyond your identity. Maybe that’s because your parents were from different religions.  I’m like everyone but so outside, I somehow hit a little into the universal. Without that, too much grief and trouble. 

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