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Originally posted by StaryeYenightess:
I hate everything read on this post. Why? Because most of you are measuring Black Beauty by a Black American afrocentric people and West Africans. Example
Deep Mahogany Skin
Natural Kinky hair
Full lips
Rounder behind
Wider nose.
The question is East African look nothing like this. Yet they are consider the oldest Africans on Earth. Most of them look like.
Light brown to Olive Skin
Wavy to Straight hair
Thin lips
Pointy noses.
None of you mention this at all. I would have to say most of you have a one view point of what Black beauty is. Your view point is mostly what West Africans think is beautiful. Not whole Africa.

It is these characteristics that are most maligned....

It is a West African heritage we mostly come from.... in numbers...

just as we celebrate our heritage in the face of oppression...

we have oppressed our own....

so those of us who are doubly oppressed...

try to find what little nectar we can... and celebrate our unique beauty...

to celebrate does not mean everyone else is denigrated...

it just means... for a time... let us appreciate ourselves...

I say "us" in the general sense... not trying to speak for anyone else here...


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