Ok I admit it, I got a little chunky. I am sitting right now at about 215 and I shouldn't be over 190. My goal is to get down to my natural stripper weight Big Grin in 90 days, which will be 25 lbs, so approximately 8 lbs a month.

If you would like to join with me, we can do regular updates and mutual support on this thread.

What ya think?
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I'm all about support, but I already have a thread going on another site. I'd rather only share it in PM. I'll talk to my partner-in-crime and see what they think.

My food link, though, is in my sig.

And, er uh, 90 days from now there had better be some pics, so make sure you have your camera, batteries, and tripod ready. Mad You know you got our full attention with "stripper" weight. 1
What I am going to do is move my work outs to the morning. I have an excercise bike and some dumbells. I really don't have time to do things in the evening.

At the same time I am going to get back on my diet. About 180 grams of protein per day about 2500 calories. Increase my water intake and vegetable intake.

I normally take creatine, but that causes me to build muscle mass and retain weight and I am working to get down as opposed to be muscular.

Cardio will probably be 45 minutes per day. Weights will be about 20 high intensity super-setting with the dumbells, push ups and steps.

Something like that.
We fast once each month for three days with no food, only water. We will be fasting this weekend from Friday to Sunday. You are welcome to join us. I am certain this will aid your desire to be a more healthy weight.

Thank you.
You know, I have been thinking about going on a once a week fast with only water.

Studies have shown that that improves health and life longevity.
Hi Dell!

This book has helped me tremendously: "Heal Thyself" by Queen Afua.

I now know that longevity is a way of life...a tried and tested method used by our ancestors.

"...Fast 24 hours every week on your 'Holy Day' or 'Accra Day,' which is the day of the week on which you were born..." -- page 37, Heal Thyself by Queen Afua.

When I read that meat was nothing more than dead animal flesh my stomach turned. As a result of reading this I have been a vegan since February 2005.

The reason that our ancestors lived so long is due to the fact that they ate no meat, just grains, lentil, nuts, seeds, sprouts, and spirulina.

They ate live foods to oxygenate and revitalize the body rather than dead animal flesh which causes dis/ease:

high blood pressure
premature aging....to name a few.

Praying, fasting and meditating work well in combination with one another.

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