What are some of projects you fellas are working on, have recently completed ,or plan on working on?

I am currently installing a lamp post to shine some light on our front yard. It's going well so far I dug a 50 foot trench 12 inches deep(this was a pain in the ass), poured a concrete foundation 3ft deep, laid down PVC conduits, ran 14 guage wiring through them and assembled and wired the pole. All I have left is wiring it to a switch and the service panel. I'm a little intimidated by the service panel because I have never worked on one before and don't want to get electrocuted putting my hands where they don't belong. If anyone have any suggestions please holla back.
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you really got to get an electrian to install that, namely because many to most insurance companies may not cover any damages if your project damages something. Wink


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I've completely gutted my background of vegetation (last year). This year I will completely re-landscape it. I can't start for about two months because we in our 100+ degree season.

The wife of the previous owners was really into plants and bushes and flowers and ... Well, she died about a year before we bought the house and the husband just let it go. It looked like a jungle in the middle of the desert.

I plan to lay flagstone over most of the yard, which will require me to remove about 2 tons of gravel. Then, I'll re-plant alot less vegetation.
It's not that I don't want to hire an electrician, it's that I like the challenge of doing things like this on my own. I will have an electrian look it over and as long as he signs-off on it I will be safe with the insurance company. Thanks for the advise.

I hear you Kweli I have the same situation with my landscaping or the lack of it. I am working on the lamp post now because I am going to dig up our gravel walkway and lay down pavers and since the wiring runs underneath the walkway it had to be done first.

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