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Quote by blaqfist: "Lost a whole lotta respect for that dude".


As I watched the 60 Minutes piece last night, i said to myself, there are going to be a lot of pissed off Black people on Monday.


The thing that I did not like about that interview is that 60 Minutes tried from the very  beginning to establish, broad brush an environment and negatively portray him and all his past deeds of fighting for civil rights and injustice in the Black community as a African American opportunist: a scary to White folks civil rights pimp and not a civil rights activist. And to that point, allowing the White reporter (and it was apparent that he has a long standing grudge against Rev Al) to say that "Al Sharpton is not a civil rights leader, but is in the business of civil rights".


Why the lost respect? After last night, is Rev. Al, since he has now stated openly that he fully supports the President now considered a hypocrite? An Uncle Tom? A sell out? When he said that he has matured and changed, was he lying or is it as 60 Minutes tried to portray him as a hate filled, tax evading, opportunistic street hustler who now has done a complete 360 regarding his overall mission and vision since the President is Black?


Does every so called "African American leader" have to remain the same? Keep their fist clinched, keep their anger up and out front exposed against President Obama like Tavis, Jesse Sr, Cornel West and others?


And as Rev. Al stated last night, "One of the reasons why I support and don't criticize the President is because he is the President, he's Black and that all by itself is hard".


And since Rev. Al has the President's ear and immediate access to him, he understands full well how complex the task and how much ish and pressures that President Obama had to deal with 24/7 from behing that oval office desk.


The real issue I see here is that even with a Black President with only a little over 2.5 years in office who has a hell of a lot of George W.Bush bullshit on his plate to clean up since day one, all of these so called Black leaders are now really scattered to the four winds, angry and truly separated and distanced from each other in regards to this black President when in the past with White Presidents, they were all still pissed off but pissed off comrades-in-arms with a united message; in collective togetherness, unity, strenght, bonding and united purpose regarding the black agenda.


Now since Barack Obama, the first Black to win the White House, all of a sudden all of that united front; togetherness, unity, strenght bonding and collective purpose is gone. These Black leaders don't come together anymore, have periodic TV conferences or forums, no panel of Black intellectuals, college professors, business professionals, academics or experts on stage rallying the troops the same as when the President was White. Now it seems that everything is done now on the down low in secret either supporting or attacking President Obama with the many different factions spread throughout the country (who used to be all together as one) in order to not avoid pissing off the Black community and making themselves a target for criticism among each other.


And it's no suprise that Dr.West, who is really the only one totally out front with his truth in criticizing the President from both a intellectual, social and political stand point (which is all well and good and his "Obama was raised White, no African American background and all he has known culturally is white and that is his cultural formation" is a truly valid point) also has a personal grudge as well..His feelings that President Obama slighted him after his early supporting of him during the Presidential campaign.


He began whining incessantly about not receiving tickets for Obama’s inauguration when according to Dr. West, the Black bell hop at the hotel who handled his luggage where he stayed while in DC had inaguration tickets and he and his family didn't and how he was treated disrepectfully by the Obama campaign and how he was forced to watch the swearing-in ceremomy on television, his attacks seem more personal than political.   

And the apparent downslide of his beloved "dear friend and brother" Tavis Smiley who is now a ghost; has lost all his bling bling, luster, voice and the bright spotlight in the African American community he had since Barack Obama hit the scene.


And in this case, Dr.West maintained divided loyalties and somewhat played the middle. I guess that Dr. West wanted himself and his beloved brother Tavis to be a part of that White House "advisory inner circle" that Rev. Al currently occupies..For Tavis and Dr. West to set the black agenda for black america..It didn't happen.


As we all know before Obama, Tavis was the man....The leading black voice and go-to-guy in the African American community. During and after Obama, he got angry, felt that black folk abandoned him because of his opposing views regarding democratic presidential candidate Obama (who did not attend his "State of the Black Union" upon Tavis' personal request so that he could, as the primary black voice, up close and personal with no filter in front of the nation, be the primary vetter and examiner alongside Hillary Clinton for all of Black America) and when things did not go his way, he was totally stunned, threw a public tantrum and simply allowed himself to be pushed aside, seemed to disappear into the weeds and his total abandonment of his annual "State Of The Black Union", immediately after was a mistake, which I thought mission statement wise, was to keep defining policy, establish standards, constantly push the Black agenda and keep a watchful eye, close tabs and constant pressure on the current SITTING President should have remained in tact and functional and not be disregarded simply because the current President is Black.


Fiercely loyal to his friend, Professor West chose sides and began to undermine candidate Obama in small and large ways. Since the inaugural snub, Dr. West has made his personal animosity and political criticism of the president his main public talking point.


Attacking presidential policy and agenda, fair game. Attacking the President personally and his blackness since Dr. West feels personally dissed? Out of bounds...And what is Dr. West' end game? To spilt the black vote in 2012 in order to get back at the President?


Are all these drastic changes in a little more than 2.5 years to the overall collective American black agenda all President Obama's fault simply because he got elected the first Black President?...It can't be that simple.... And the real question at the moment is, what going to happen to the once consolidated but now scattered black leaders and the scattered black agenda which is now truly separated not only in overall scope and purpose, but in opinions and rhetoric after Obama is gone 2 years or 6 years from now?


Al Sharpton is doing the same thing no different than Jesse Jackson did when Bill Clinton was President.....supported the President and for his efforts, acquired a set of keys for easy access to the front door of the White House and entry into the Oval Office as an inner circle advisor regarding spiritual matters and African American issues..He just like Jesse with Bill, took advantage of a opportunity, struck while was iron was hot, reaped the political benefits and separated himself from the pack.


And since Rev. Al now has that unique insider access, I will assume (and it has seemed to have already started) that after Obama is out of office in either 2012 or 2016, many will also kick Rev. Al to the curb.


IMO, Black leaders who are in a funk over Obama need to once again get together with Rev. Al (if necessary) and collectively bring those all those issues to the White House.


The way I see it, Tavis, West and others feel as though the Secret Service and the White House adminstration and the President have all of them on a "no entry enemies list" to the White House and absoluty no access to the President. If they want front row access to the President to sit down, discuss, set the black agenda and tell him directly to his face what he's not doing, not seeing or being made aware of by his inner circle, then do what was done in the past which has now has been abandoned: get back together, work collectively, reset the black agenda and gain that one on one access with the President instead of complaining about it on every cable news channel or political talk show all the time.


Talking and complaining about in on TV constantly will change nothing. They need to get it back together now because if they try and reset the black agenda after Obama is gone and he is replaced by possibly another White President especially if he or she is a Republican, then it will look much worse than it looks right now and it will be viewed by all Black folk as completely disengenious and a total sham.


Talking loud from a distance. They all act like they are afraid of the man.


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Here we have our heralded first black president celebrating and honoring his “Irish” roots. How many times have we been presented with how Obama is related to some famous white folk? The TOTAL credit for who he is and what he has become has been attributed to that which is “white”. That is how he is marketed to America for acceptance. In fact, it’s more than marketing because Obama is not “black like us”. He is not descended from slaves, Jim Crow and or the urban ghettos or the rural poverty of the South. I never understood why black folks put so much stock in this person…..who essentially came out of nowhere and was thrust upon us after gaining popularity with liberal whites who were “tired” of the old style black leadership which emanated from civil rights and the black struggle for equality.

People just don’t seem to get it. The fine print read: “Obama will be PROMOTED ONLY if the black struggle is DEMOTED”.  That was the deal. Black folks, in their irrational exuberance, either did not read the fine print or did not care about the fine print. Certainly no white politician could EVER have blacks co-sign the demotion of the black agenda. Any white liberal politician dependent upon the black vote could NEVER survive politically by demoting the black struggle. Yet, white liberals, or should I say white democratic political strategist, realized that the issue of race and racial policies and programmers was becoming a costly burden in elections and keeping many borderline independents from voting for the party. So they promoted a “different” kind of black leader, one who would demote the issue of racial inequality.

When you look at what our nation does in other countries, it uses subversives to destabilize and break up systems they want to bring down and or control. Of course, you cannot bring in an outsider to be a subversive, because they will not be trusted. Rather, you have to convert an insider or plant someone who can pass as an insider, gain the confidence of the people, then proceed to destabilize or change the direction things go. That is why we want to get Gaddafi out of power… that someone who will run the country to OUR benefit can be put in place. Whites are essentially ready to write off race and the debts owed, but they cannot do that when traditional black leaders keep reminding them of the bill. Obama, however, has subdued most black bill collectors, who are now more concerned with promoting the success of one black person than they are with the collective success of 40 million black folks whose America bill is overdue to.


However.....what do I know.....I am just an Obama hater who is taking it personal that I was not invited to the inauguration either.

"Does every so called "African American leader" have to remain the same? Keep their fist clinched, keep their anger up and out front exposed against President Obama like Tavis, Jesse Sr, Cornel West and others?"





Besides, I've seen a lot of change in a lot of the old guard civil rights leaders; I think that it is just what happens as people get older, they mellow out, they change, they mature, they may see thing differently, or at least slightly differently.  I also believe that our civil rights leaders are burned out; look how long they have been raising hell for Black people in this country only to look around and see an epidemic of Black on Black violence and murder, so many young Black males apathetic about higher education, so many young Black males out there selling poison in their own communities to other African Americans.  Not to mention all the while, most of these civil rights leaders and a great many African Americans who made sacrifices and put themselves and their reputations and their lively-hoods on the line for the greater good of all, where mostly out their by themselves, alone with majority of the Black community sitting around watching their efforts on t.v. or reading about it in the newspaper.

I didn't see the piece.


It is amazing that many of us still...still....perceive President Obama as an activist who should be 'doing things' ...specifically... for African American-Americans.


One of my question is:  Such as?


What agenda has 'African America' asked for things to be addressed?


I haven't seen agenda that is.


I think Rev. Sharpton...who is indeed an activist...has done a lot in presenting issues to President Obama such as:  Education, Jobs, wide-spread police abuse across the nation, etc.




Jim Chester

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