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How many more murders by cops are swept under the rug, this is an outrage and the media is not broadcasting or investigating this murder. upset

>The following email was passed to me by a friend. Please continue to
>pass it to everyone you know.
>Fri, 23 Jan 2004 16:01:07 -0600
>Subject: Innocent Man Murdered
>Dear Friends and Family,
>I am writing to make you aware of a senseless tragedy that is becoming
>too familiar in this country. Another innocent, unarmed African
>American male was brutally murdered by so called "law enforcement".
>The man who was slain was named Kenneth B. Walker. This incident hits
>very close to home because Kenny was an extremely close friend.
>Last Wednesday evening a local sheriff's special unit targeted 4 black
>men riding in an expensive SUV as possible "drug suspects". The
>reality of the matter is that every individual in that SUV was a
graduate, as well
>as responsible citizen. These four innocent men were dragged from
>vehicle at gun point, and forced to lay on the side of a major
>Interstate like animals. Simultaneously one of the "John Wayne"
>sheriffs made a conscious decision to shoot Kenny Walker in the front
>of the head twice, with a H&K MP5 assault rifle. The coward who shot
>Kenny claimed that he made a "judgment call" because he couldn't see
>Kenny's right hand. While Kenny lie dying on the side of the road, the

>bastards knowing full well at this point that they had targeted the
>wrong vehicle, still resented the other 3 gentlemen. They place them
>in 3 separate cars and held them in 3 separate cells. Furthermore,
>Kenny was shot at 9:00pm and his family was not notified until 1:30 am.

>They didn't even get a chance to say their farewells, because he died
>before they arrived. Of course they found no guns or contraband in the

>vehicle. 6 hours later they released the other men. They gave the
>driver his keys and said, and I quote "you're free to go, by the way
>your friend is dead".
>Kenneth Walker was a loving husband, devoted father and responsible
>civic oriented individual who was involved in the local community. Not

>only had Kenny never been in trouble with law; when they pulled his
>record they couldn't even find a speeding ticket! So what it amounts
>to is that if you are a black male in this country, no matter how
>righteous, your life is subject to come down to a "judgment call". To
>add insult to injustice, this tragedy is being stonewalled and quietly
>swept under the rug by local government officials. From what we
>understand, the entire incident was caught on tape. The Sheriff's
>Department is refusing to release the tape, which is a matter of public

>record under the "Freedom of Information" Act. Columbus is a small
>town. The "Good Old Boy" network is very much alive here and the
>longer they hold the tape, the more likely it will be altered or
>disappear all together (remember the 90 seconds missing from the
>Cincinnati tape). If this had happened in a major city it would have
>gained national attention by now. This is where we need your help.
>Pass this email along to as many people as possible and contact the
>following news networks about this case.;;
>(See attached file: Kenny Walker.jpg)

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Original Post
Junebug, we've had 146,000 days of this jazz. After we complain to the "white" man about the "white" man killing an African in America man, just what is supposed to happen? That kind of killing just goes on and on. If the tables were turned, just how long do you think THEY'd put up with it? I'd guarantee it wouldn't be 146,000 days; it'd be more like less than a N.Y. nanosecond.

Africans have made no advancement in America without shedding their blood. Yet, they are so confused that they are the first to shed blood for the system which made them shed their blood. African soldiers knew nothing of Iraq or Kuwait, nothing of Zionism. All they knew was Saddam was a monster. Nevertheless, the African in America represents the most instinctively revolutionary group in the country because of the position they are in. It is time for us to get conscious.--Kwame Ture

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