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Another celebrity leaving their race...why are white women so tempting??


Wanda Sykes is going to experience what every African American experiences with white women.


It's all about the money and materialism.


White women as a collective race of women who have been mentally conditioned for centuries since America began to be totally dependent on a man or woman to work hard, bring home the bacon that she fries up to your satisfaction, and take care of them for the rest of their lives.


For the "man" in the marriage, that's his primary role and function, and what he or she is expected to do without question, that makes you feel somewhat dominant and superior to your other half as the woman in the relationship plays the secondary role as the "good and faithful" wife and mother.


Mentally conditioned and taught to seek out and find a man or woman to marry to take care of them as they become the domestic foundation; "home, 2 and a half kids, minivan, white picket fence and a dog" doting and loving wife, child bearer in large numbers, the house keeper, the soothing clam when you need it, the head cheerleader of her bread winning man or woman, the "Stepford Wife" or soccer mom (educated with a college degree or not)) who doesn't work (never planned to work) the very same as their ancestors who passed down that family dynamic from White female to White female.


The breadwinner makes all the major and in many cases, minor financial and business decisions.


I saw a older white women while in the grocery store shopping, called her husband to ask him if she could purchase a bag of rock salt and a friend of mine said while attending a meeting at work, one of her associates got a phone call from his wife asking him if it was OK with him if she took their daughter to the hair dresser to get her hair cut.


Many from families of financial means attend finishing or charm schools which is a school for young women that focuses on teaching social graces and upper class cultural rites as a preparation for entry into society

A follows on from high school school and is intended to complete the education, with classes primarily on deportment and etiquette, with academic subjects secondary.


Finishing school #1 priority is to put yourself in a prime position to find, target and marry a rich husband.


They will love you, adore you, deal with all your "black issues" internally as you help them deal with theirs that stems mostly from negative family issues growing up that require much therapy. Be totally subservient and permissive, provide all the sexual gymnastics you want without question that African American women won't do and will support you especially when you're wrong without trying to correct you AND IN THE END, they will all of a sudden, grow tired and eventually want a divorce because of the gold standard irreconcilable differences (ANY sort of difference that cannot or will not be changed) regardless of how long the marriage lasted and with the full support of the justice system, will end up with the children and half of your financial and material assets.


If financially there isn't any or much money, that white woman will wash, rinse and repeat target with another man or women to become totally dependent on.




That's the temptation your average African American woman isn't going to put up with.


Wanda Sykes?



She's going to pay up.

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What's good for goose is good for the gander in this racial sex shit. Ask the Black men first, then get to the women. Maybe one's more silky to the touch or lips. Maybe whites glow in the fuckin' dark, all ghost-like and jazz. Maybe it's the equivalent to petting the dog. Who knows?? Soon it's going to be "Who gives a shit?" Same-sex is cool for population control in most cases.  Wanda tried a Black man, didn't like it went to a French woman. When she dies, she'll know what it was like with penis/without. Everyone doesn't experience that mess.


Wanda makes me laugh like there's no tomorrow, so I'll stay out of this. I more than express my feelings about all this sex jazz, and I won't change my opinion. My opinion affects NO ONE. That's the way it goes. I like Ellen/Wanda and many other gays. (I like what they offer in entertainment; their sexual shenanigans is their business. How I feel in no way affects them, and the beat goes on.)

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