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Hello....hope you don't mind me dropping in...I saw this in the topics and thought I'd pop in for a read....I'm a trifle confused though.

Why is she having to give him half the royalties for stuff SHE wrote and performed?  I can understand her having to split some with him, thats fairly standard but half???
Interview: Anita Baker after the court hearing.

Divorce Law: State of Michigan.

 Property Distribution: Since Michigan is an "equitable distribution" state, the marital property shall be divided in an equitable fashion. Equitable does not mean equal, but rather what is fair. The court will encourage the parties to reach a settlement on property and debt issues otherwise the court will declare the property award.

The circuit court of this state may include in any decree of divorce or of separate maintenance entered in the circuit court appropriate provisions awarding to a party all or a portion of the property, either real or personal, owned by his or her spouse, as appears to the court to be equitable under all the circumstances of the case, if it appears from the evidence in the case that the party contributed to the acquisition, improvement, or accumulation of the property.

The decree, upon becoming final, shall have the same force and effect as a Quitclaim Deed of the real estate, if any, or a Bill of Sale of the personal property, if any, given by the party's spouse to the party. (Michigan Compiled Laws - Section: 552.19, 552.101 and 552.401)

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