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And They Cast Truth To The Ground (Daniel 8:12)

Black women I want to talk to you with regard to how to use the truth to combat the lies and deceits of the devil. One of the enemies of black women is the white racist and their colored proselytes who do their bidding. The fact is this, the white racists who by and large call themselves ˜Christians' are in reality, ˜satanists' who are deceiving their blind, foolish, colored slaves who rote their will and ways.

As all the issues surrounding our well-being have to do with our existence amidst the Caucasoid's we must let our God instruct us as to how to deal with the Caucasoid enemy faction as well as all enemies. You see, what the Bible would call ˜demonic spirit,' of racism is actively alive and well in the hearts, minds, innards of the conservative right wing caucasoids. In fact, all of them who act on the evil. Yet, as this is the 21st century millinieum hour of exaltation for black women, Truth has arisen to crush their madness and break their stronghold. God is Truth! (Psalm 25:5; John 14:6; etc.). These fiendish beings have ˜cast truth to the ground' as was prophesied they would do (Daniel 8:12.23-25). In its place they have arrogantly lifted up lies, deceits, so defying the God of truth, whose law is Truth (Psalm 43:3; etc.). To lift up lies, deceits, is to be a ˜satanist' who the Bible describes as the ˜father of arrogant, liars, deceivers, murderers' (Isaiah 14:12-15; John 8:44; 10:10).

As such, truth is the weapon you must use to combat and annihilate these enemy fiends of truth. Truth is comprised of ˜common sense, righteousness, wisdom, justice, love and life' as well as all good components (Proverbs 1:20; 3; etc.). It is a well-effective ˜two-edged sword' (Hebrews 4:12)!

As said, the Bible prophesied that the children of Satan would "cast truth to the ground" preparing the way for their anti-christ father (Daniel 8:12; 23-25). They are also referred to as the ˜transgressors' or ˜over throwers of truth.' They overthrow truth by lifting up the opposite, lies and deceits so ˜casting truth to the ground.' In order to counterattack their madness you must arm yourself with truth. In other words, lift up truth. Just act on the truth, speak the truth, in season and out and that is the ˜simplicity of truth' that destroys these hatemongers.

How to specifically zone in and destroy the evil? Well, first you recognize who the filth is. There disposition is evil! That is fact 1! As the Bible teaches, the demonic spirit of their father satan lives in them, right? That is fact 2 (John 8:44;10:10). So position your mentality to that reality in all your doings. In other words, just see them as the ˜sheet-wearing spooks' that they showed themselves to be when they darned and donned those hoods and went about like the ghastly ghosts of hell haunting, tormenting, killing, stealing, destroying. Today they have ˜outwardly' taken off those suits and instead put on a Bible, and a smile, with which to lie, grin, deceive. This is them acting on the ˜serpent beguiling' part of their father satan (Genesis 3:1-7; Revelation 20:1-2).

As so, at all times, see their nature as comprised of lies, hate, deceit as it is fact. Then turn to the ˜lie or hate' they are spewing on any given issue. You know they are liars and deceivers so don't allow these ˜accusers of the people of truth' to draw you into their ˜accusation' that is only designed to take your eyes off the truth, rather, speak the truth at their insanity and you destroy there insanity.

You are of the truth! The God of Truth is of you, with you, for you, by you and wants to use you as the instrument to bring down the liars and deceivers. Just as he used righteous black women throughout history. General Harriet the Great, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, all the way back to female warriors who opposed the Caucasoid illegal invasion in Africa. Queen Nzingha, Amina, Yaa Aswantewa, Nehanda, etc.. The Spirit of truth that used these women will use black women to do exploits and so free ourselves from Caucasoid evil. It will happen!!! Mother Earth will open up her mouth and help the woman! (Rev. 12:16). (Note: There is Spiritual interpretation to what the ˜woman' of revelation represents and despite what you may have heard by white male deceivers, the woman, is symbolic of women and men of truth.)

At any rate, the reason I thought to remind you of the significance of skillfully wielding the weapon of truth, even though I know you are wise enough to know it, is because now get this black women, the Caucasoid enemies of truth were so burned by the truth that they actually go about trying to imitate my skill. I am their would be teacher! The peons fools... winkgrin. See I originally came online to encourage black women to wake-up and unite against our enemies within and without. Well, I learned of this ˜message board' circuit and began to speak. Lo and behold, who pops out on every single black site but angy-wangy white male devils, and their colored trained underlies. Fuming, fretting, raging, sounding so much like satan, I had to recheck to see if I hadn't erroneously clicked into a ˜satanism' site. Both the white fiend and his colored little one, were not raging about the 100% white racist male run and ruled U.S. Rather, they were raging at black people for seeing the truth with regard to the 100% white racist male run and ruled U.S., and wanting to break the racist yoke completely off of blacks well-being. Well at first I thought it was a joke, a comedy going on, so I watched with interest at the absurdity of what they were ˜spewing forth.' They actually said, ˜it was racist to want to be free from white racism.' See, that's the demon nature in them, it makes them blind, deaf and dumb. It also makes them insane, psychotics, ever boiling with hate.

Being of such a nature, you can imagine that rhyme and reason would not exist within such a nature. As so, you know when they come up with their lies and deceits on any given issue, it is a lie and deceit. Destroy it with the weapon of truth. Again, speak the truth on a issue, instead of answering their ˜satanic accusations that are void of rhyme and reason.' That's how I do it, and that's why I don't mind telling you how to do it even in spite of the fact that the little buggers will peer in trying to figure out how to ˜imitate' a skilled warrior like myself who long defeated their madness. See the truth is this, truth won't work for liars, deceivers, as it is set to oppose them, rip them to shreds in all their madness. They are stuck with using their devil tools of warping their minds, and ˜distorting any given issue.'

Truth is an active spirit it actively opposes liars, and embraces and exalts the righteous. As so, the most important thing I would have the ˜righteous' Black women of truth know, is truth is for us, with us, and has arisen to deliver us.

In a nutshell, the entire racist, sexist, battle is this, the African Mother and her sons and daughter, versus the African man and his sons and daughters who thrust blacks into existence with the Caucasoids and their descendants are this day, they who stay the Caucasoids dominion as they are proud servants of the white male devil, ever prostrate at his feet, doing his bidding with a smile on their faces. They are the blind, being led by the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. What are the facts? These coloreds whole disposition is ˜let white males rule us.' What a wretched, cowardly slave abomination they are before God who would have black women ruling our own selves with our righteous black males beside us.

These coloreds who are so enslaved to white subjugation are the arch enemy of God and Black women. As shown, their entire disposition is ˜servitude.' Proud slaves who ˜fight for white male rule' This they shamelessly do before all the men of color of all the nations of the world, China, Japan, Korea, India, etc.. They must be combatted and defeated as these disgraceful slaves would with a grin on their faces take our sons and daughters back into enslavement to whites. However, do not panic as God, the God of righteous Black women of truth has arisen to show up and destroy these black male failures for the prostrated, cowardly, weak, fearful disgraces that they will remain throughout all eternity.

Black women we will win the war! Believe the ˜truth' that you hear, not the lies. In other words, God speaks the truth through his children of truth, just as the devil speaks the lie, through his children of the lie. So like me, just stay armed with the weapon of truth, sweet truth, for it alone, will keep you free!

"And many of them said, "He (Yeshua/Jesus) has a demon and in is mad. Why do you listen to Him?" Others said, "These are not the words of one who has a demon. Can a demon open the eyes of the blind?" (John 10:21).

My Motto?! You may ask. Well here's it in a nutshell, I believe in LOVE/HAPPINESS for all righteous souls. I believe you 'love' 'TRUTH/GOD' so much that you put it out there full force, un-restrained, and in so doing, you bring 'HAPPINESS'....wink!
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Okay, since you want to play childish games for a kick I'll humour myself at your expense.....

ln fact girlie, I'll let the JESUS you claim to be 'doing your stuff' for. give you the ultimate KO PUNCH:

"But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolatians, which I also hate" so I guess me and prohetess both jest boiling over with HATE that displeases stranger Melesi.... Big Grin

P.S. I purposely misspelled Nicolaitans must mean I didn't really read that word in the Bible.... Big Grin

Psst...bye, bye now.

To hate a deed is not to hate the person. YOu obviously hate people. YOu won't find that in the Bible.

You also quoted a well-known text from Revelation. Be careful, for you are treading where angels fear to go. You are trying to interpret a book notoriously hard to interpret, for most of it is a vision.

God does indeed hate deeds, just as we should, but he gave His Son for everybody. That doesn't sound like hate to me. He forgives instantly and completely, that doesn't sound like hate to me, either.

On the other hand, your very username shows what you feel for others, and your posts show the very hatred that you say you despise in others is in you.

That's rather different from the situation you quoted from the Bible.

Now, where's that "KO punch" you were talking about?
Peeking and alertly waiting you were?....oh STRANGER WHO HAS MADE HERSELF THE CHOSEN JUDGE OF PROPHETESSS....on this black women's sites full of exciting issues other that prophetess un-solicted english lessons. Oh my Goodness..... Big Grin

Oh African women enslaved in the Sudan don't ya dare hate them African mongrels that are mercilessly enslaving you ya hear what Melesi says?

Me thinks me got me a LIVE ONE.....whew! Big Grin

P.S. Melesi maybe here's where your problem with me is, I NEVER HEARD TELL OF YOU TO FORM ANY OPINION OF YOU, BUT GLAD YOU'VE READ THROUGH MY POWERFUL TRUTHS.....I'M ALL ABOUT BLACK WOMAN LIBERATION FROM THE HATED AND DREADED WHITE RACIST EVIL ILK WHO WOULD HATEFULLY keep blacks underfoot. I'm also about withstanding the HATED colored boys of the world who would bow down prostrate to white males and give them UN-RESTRAINED dominion over blacks.

And you, you have presented yourself as being about CORRECTING GRAMMAR and arguing SEMANTICS which does nothing but make you a little ODD seeing I didn't sign up for an english/grammar lesson my little take it upon herself to perform this folly....although I admit it's doubt about that, I must be about SPREADING THE TRUTH, and demolishing the wicked ENEMY OF BLACK WOMEN.

P.S. Now there, just because you've declared yourself 'teacher of grammar' I did do a brief proofreading and corrected one misspelled word, but you know what melei ole girl, it seems to me, I say enough CORRECT ENGLISH/GREEK OR WHATEVER to the point that YOU UNDERSTAND IT, AND HAVE MADE IT YOUR 'ODD' MISSION TO DISSECT IT.....Hmmmm..... Big Grin

P.P.S. I went to copy this to pass it around for a laugh, when I realized a real 'beaut' of a statement you made that I must have missed in hysterically laughing at the absurdity of this whole senseless thing you are doing.

Anyway you said, something like "Jesus doesn't hate people." Is this the same Jesus that told the Pharisees they were 'wicked, sons of satan, whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones, hypocrites' who he is going to 'thrust into hell?' You mean that JESUS doesn't hate them for their evil? In fact, the YESHUA WARRIOR GOD I SERVE, out and out said, I'M COMING BACK WITH THE SWORD OF 'TRUTH' TO KILL YOU AND CAST YOU INTO HELL OH ENEMIES OF MY RIGHTEOUS CHILDREN ON EARTH (Revelation 20) And ain't I the spittin' image of yeshua my big bro..... broscream brocool

In all sincerity you've been trained wrong with regard to the true spirit of truth, love, righteousness, but no hard feelings for this your whatever....truly it's not....hey, God loves ya.... Smile Now ain't I the angel

[This message was edited by Prophetessofrage on October 21, 2003 at 06:32 PM.]

Don't forget that you were the one who started talking about words. I merely pointed out that you were wrong. You didn't start out by complaining that I was a "stranger," you only concentrated on it when we disagreed. That seems rather self-serving.

Now all of a sudden you sneer and deride and--this is important--change the subject and refuse to answer--in order to seem superior and right. You speak rather generally, without proof or support for your arguments
nor with examples for your points. That makes you arguments suspect because it means that you argue more from your feelings and impressions than from facts. You cannot tell people to change their lives because you feel a certain way. You need facts, not just impressions.

Learn the difference between semantics--of which you accuse but do not prove--and fact.

Just where did I "declare" myself "teacher of grammar"? Will you quote the line I wrote when I did that, please?

I am not your judge. You are confusing correction with judgment. Usually that is done when we take our positions personally and tie our self-worth in with our being correct. Your reaction is so strong I suspect that you have decided that you have been insulted simply by being disagreed with.

and actually you are right about the Sudanese not hating those who have oppressed them. The violence that infects the land and has killed whole villages by those who follow your encouragement should show us that hating does no good. I would in fact say that they should not hate those who have oppressed them. That does not mean that they should submit to their oppressors, now, but it's the oppression that they should hate, not the oppressors. The first leads to freedom, the second to the death of their souls.

I fear that you encourage people to a moral death. You cannot liberate yourself from hatred by hating those who hated you. All you do is continue the hatred. Africa's recent history should show us that.

And if my correcting your Greek has made you more careful of misusing it, then I have done well.
Oh, and no, Jesus does not hate. What you quoted--again from Revelation (why don't you quote from Mattehw 5?) was a matter for him to do at the end of the world, not for us to emulate now. In fact, instead of seeing that as our example for how to treat Pharisees, why don't you go to the Gospel of John and see how Jesus treated Nicodemus?

There were those who were hypocrites, and to those who were self-satisfied Jesus had to say strong things. But he forgave instantly.

You could do that and be like you "big bro," too.
Melesi dear, stop this're hurting yourself.

Okay, whatever you say STRANGER...Yes you were always a STRANGER but when I originally answered you I GAVE YOU THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT ON 'RATIONALE', RHYME' REASON.'

However, when I saw that your whole point in bursting into that post I commented on was to talk about what YOU SURMISE IS MY ERROR OF LIFE then I recognized you as 'OH SO TROUBLED BY ME' and not over here to talk on BLACK WOMAN LIBERTION ISSUES POSTED ALL UP AND DOWN THE BOARD...soooooo....I said to myself, 'self, whew..this is a strange person' so back out lest they accuse you of starting trouble and I know how oh so sensitive some of the beings on this site have shown themselves to be, so I thought to avoid senseless, rabble-rousers such as yourself.

Yet in all sincerity, whatever else you said is not worth addressing.

Just give your views on ways for black women to break white racist rule off us as well as brutal colored boys worldwide who enjoy remaining prostrate at the feet of the white male, while keeping black women subjugated and violated in unspeakable ways. Instead of these absurd, 'dare I be like the Jesus who said, BE LIKE ME' comments.

Nope, not hurt a bit. Notice that you still do not address the subject. You must instead speak of me because that's easier than actually facing the facts. You were wrong about the argument, you know, whether you will admit it or not.

Where did I declare myself "teacher of grammar?" I didn't? Good heavens, you mean you made that up? How can this be?

You are such a reasonable person, never attacking, never abusing, never unfairly typifying your opponents.

No, you do not "trouble" me. You'll notice who did the name-calling in our exchange, so who troubled who?

If you wish to talk about black woman liberation issues, then do so, but don't do as you did and talk beyond your knowledge and so deep in your ignorance.

You know no Greek, you know no Hebrew, you know no Bible. Oh, you can quote isolated verses, but you get them wrong, too because you don't care about the context, for you don't bother to read and understand it. You know nothing about the ecclesistical councils, either.

Of course, that doesn't matter to you--you'll still sound like an expert anyway, even if you quote wholesale from someone else's website.

You don't know anything about the Council of Macon, do you? So perhaps we can add history to your list of things you don't know about.

Well, you can call me names all you wish, but that will not help you be any more knowledgeable than you are not already.

In fact, that's why you call names, isn't it--to distract attention from the fact that you are wrong?

Pity. Such a waste of a mind.
Aw, you're back and at it real early eh? Okay, I do thank you for being EXHIBIT A live specimen of what I was telling black women with regard to truth demolishing it's enemies. Still I'm going to put a stop to you making a spectacle of yourself. It'll be a mercy killing. Then if you insist on coming on this BLACK WOMAN'S SITE to speak solely to this FIXATION you have with that GENERAL COMMENT I made on the MARY MAGDALENE issue, It''ll be a good laugh but kind of played out.

Let me SPELL IT OUT to you like this. TRUTH HAS ALREADY DEMOLISHED YOU but you are to BLIND, DEAF, and DUMB to see it. You in one of your ramblings blabbered with regard to my statements "I just mentioned the overall, in general statements' which of course is WHAT I SAID IN THE FIRST PLACE. End of that story.

As for your intent, you claim yourself a supposed 'Christian' but you came forth DECEITFULLY, WITH AN AGENDA, JUST LIKE SATAN. By the way, have you ever spoken on any given topic over here ever or were you just moved by that 'RAGE IN YOU' to speak soley to me? I mean we do all know that negrospiritual had to tell you to FOCUS AND ANSWER THE QUESTION LIKE I DID. And speaking of AVOIDING THE QUESTIONS again, WHAT IS YOUR RACE?

Now it is you who are STUPID ENOUGH to profess that you were so full of A FUMING RAGING DEMONIC SATANIC NATURE that you sought to devour like your daddy, SATAN....These are your ACTIONS that make you the FOOL, .....GET IT NOW...DUH?

You're so full of ARROGANCE like SATAN, that you are BLIND to your MADNESS like SATAN (Isaiah 14:12-15).

You're so full of LIES, like SATAN that you won't even answer the basic question WHAT IS YOUR RACE? (John 8:44). In fact, you're just FULL OF IT...and too STUPID TO KNOW IT.

Now me, I have been CHRIST-LIKE and graciously sought to bow out when I saw what a TROUBLED, PREOCCUPIED WITH ME...OH SO TOUCHED....DETERMINED TO MAKE THIS SPECIMEN OF YOURSELF YOU ARE and so be it.

As for the Mary Magdalene issue what part of I don't choose to talk to a LOON LIKE YOU don't you understand? Let it Go! It's not that I can't answer an idiot like you, it's just that you are so full of insanity that I WON'T CONVERSE with an IDIOT LIKE YOU. GET THE PICTURE NOW FOOL?!!!! I doubt it, but I'm done with your MARY MAGDALENE FIXATION.

Prophetess? Are you all right?

What truth, prophetess? After you could not answer the facts about the Greek words you misused, after you ignored the link to Stella Chiwese that shows that sexism is not a Christian phenomenon--truth is such an inconvenient thing--you turned to personal attacks.

That's not truth, nor is it particularly demolishing.

So you copy the same response and put it on two threads and say the same emotional, illogical, unreasonable, irrelevant, and untrue accusations without proof. That is not an argument. Calling me names like a child is not convincing. You cannot have any facts because you are presenting none.

And you ignore the facts that I give you in order to try your best to sound superior.

"End of story"? No, only the continuation of ignorance. Angry ignorance is still ignorance.

I am a "supposed 'Christian'"? why do you now try to say that I might not be one?

You are the one with the lies. I did not come here with an "agenda." I told you why I came here, I did what I said I came here to do. I never told you anything that wasn't true, and you have never shown any proof that I have an "agenda" or have spoken "deceitfully."

Go ahead--show us how deceitful you think I am and why you think that way about me. I can guarantee that you will be wrong.

Have I ever spoken on any given topic over here? What do you mean "over here"? By looking at the number of posts that I have made you can see that I have posted on other topics. I tend to limit myself to the religious ones because they are the most important, which is why I found this one interesting enough to join.

As I said, rest assured that it has nothing to do with you. Neither one of us is that important. It is all about the subject.

There was and is no "rage in" me. What proof do you have that I am full of rage? You're the one with "rage" in your username. You're the one talking about being angry, you're the one who has become angry at me for daring to contradict you on clear matters of fact. Rage in me? No.

You see what you feel.

Now, as if it really matters (it doesn't), just where did negrospiritual tell me to get back on topic? You'll note I think, that what you're referring to is over on the Mary Magdalen board where she simply asked me a question. That was after I addressed a post that you made, so if I was off topic, so were you. But, of course, you won't admit that, either.

You see? You commit the very errors that you criticize in others and refuse to admit that you do.

"Now it is you who are STUPID ENOUGH to profess that you were so full of A FUMING RAGING DEMONIC SATANIC NATURE..."

Oh, really? Just where did I do that? Perhaps in the same line in which I accused you of being "vain," which I did not do, either? Give me the quote, won't you?

It really would help if you would stick to the subject and quit trying to convince yourself that I am what I am not. Just deal with the facts.

And the fact is that the rage that you think you see in others is merely a reflection of your own hate. Note the caps, the vitriol, the sneering name-calling, the personal attacks that you use to hide the fact that you don't really have an argument. All you have is hatred.

It kills many, beginning with the one who hates. Spiritually, prophetess, you are dead already.

"You are so full of LIES..."

OK, name one. What lies have I told? That you do not read Greek even though you try to sound like an expert in it? Is that a lie? Or that you have no idea what the Council of Macon was? Is that a lie, too? What lies have I told?

And if what you have said to one who merely disagrees with you is being "Christ-like," it is no Christ ever written about. Have you made up your own Christ, too? You do not follow the Christ who said, "Love your enemies, do good to those who despitefully use you..." So you must have graven yourself an image. Your Christ is not recognizable behind your hate.

No, it isn't that you do not choose to talk to a "LOON" like me about Mary Magdalen. You don't even see that on some things we agree. All you know is your blind rage at being caught out in ignorance and false information. You have reacted so violently that you have lost sight of your original subject. You can't talk about Mary Magdalen because you can't use her for your one-note solo of anger and hate, because there's someone who knows the subject more than you do. So you affect superiority and will not talk about something that I can show you you know nothing about.

Your reputation for being right is more important to you than the truth is.

You cannot be trusted.
Well, well, well, if the DECEIVER has not returned blind as a bat, but returned.

WHAT IS YOUR RACE? Is that to hard a question for you to answer? Then you can well understand why I wouldn't want to discourse with an idiot who can't even answer a BASIC QUESTION.

Well let me try another BASIC for ya? What is your GENDER?

Oh, as for 'root word' comment. Another of your, 'you're clueless' admissions and I'll leave you that way.

As for 'we agree on some things in general' yeah, that's why it's the end of story 'IN GENERAL.' If I want to talk spirituality I'd go on the spirituality board and put forth the KNOWLEDGE that learned black MEN taught me with regard to the God of ISis-RA-EL and how it applies to true spirituality. Not some colored BOY? not even TRUTHFUL enough to admit race, let alone, gender. A Christian would, ya know! winkgrin

P.S. I deal strictly with BLACK MEN with sense when it comes to true spirituality and one of the first things I noticed about these dynamoes is they have the GREATEST KNOWLEDGE and with it common sense to put it forth as a tool to use to liberate and not as a braggert boob showing off as to how well some white male trained them.

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