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Purpose: To assure the inclusion of the political, economic, and societal needs of African American-Americans in the political planning and decisions of the nation's election processes nationwide.

Statement: To develop and support a national platform that addresses the comprehensive political, economic, and societal needs of African American-Americans nationwide, and

To advance advocate, and support the duly selected candidates
of the National African American National Committee, and

To select and support candidates of the African American
National Committee at the local, state, and national levels who
are, and will be representative of the needs of African American-
Americans while meeting the basic purpose and demand of the
respective offices they shall occupy as a result of their

Vision: To have African American-Americans exercise full control over the political currency of their vote at every level of government in every political jurisdiction of the United States of America.

Goals: Correct the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended 1982 to provide equal protection consistent with the intent of the United States Constitution.

Recover reparations for compensation for the misuse and abuse
of labor and the declared asset-value of the ancestors of living
African American-Americans (Americans of unknown African
ancestry) from 1789 to date.

Such additional, near-term achievements as shall be determined.


Jim Chester
African Americans for African America African American Pledge of Unity We stand, Together, after left alone in a land we never knew. We Bind ourselves, Together, with the blood and will of Those who have gone before. From the Bodies of our Ancestors thrown away, from the Pieces of Ourselves left to perish, We rise as One, a New Body in a New Land, a New People in a New Nation. Of Common Mind, Body, and Spirit, By Declaration of our Amalgamated Individual and Personal Authorities, We Are African America. © James Wesley Chester 2004; 2008 You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.
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