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Yemaya, I think its very different living in different regions in the U.S. as a black person. Plus, she asked about America, she wasn't specific to the U.S. so, Im certain its different living in Canada, and here. I've lived in the south, and a lived a short while in Boston and that was a totally new experience. So, I think your comment was off base. Plus, I've visited Paris, and the "blacks" were totally different. I went to clubs, and the music/dress/dance/food and everything was different. The black people living in the carribean are culturally different from the blacks in the U.S.
Originally posted by Yemaya:
I'm sure that its no different than the existence of black people anywhere else.....why do you ask? What is it like for "Black" brits?

I agree with you.....

I have friends that are actually africians, that are disrespected.

Lets not forget, there are skin heads, nazi's, etc......which causes racial tension.

Arabs are attacked constantly.......

Europe has issues!!
Actully it is very different from what i have heard and seen. I havent been to America but my family have to new yorkand texas, and they say that its alot more segregated over there.... and ill be specific, whats it like living in the north of American....and south of america, any diffrences there? Because when new Orleans happend it was portraied by the british media that there was a massive racial divied. i also agree with qty europe does have massive race issues as i saw when i went to paris, but in england at the moment there is a divied beetween muslims and people who arnt from that religion,i dont know if you saw on the news about rioting because of the cartoons that basically took the piss out of allah, it caused massive dissagreements beetween everyone, and we only just recently had our own terrorist attacks which dosent help the matter.
I think the size of the United States creates a peculiar type of delusion.

People think haveing so much geographic freedom is a significant form of FREEDOM. Being rich in New York os a lot like being rich in Dallas or San Francisco. Being poor in New York is a lot like being poor in Dallas or San Francisco.

There are some peculir differences. When I was in Seattle a woman who had moved there from Dallas said that when she was in Dallas people bragged about how new their car was, but in Seattle people bragged about how old their car was.

I have seen TV shows where they talk about the differences in language in different parts of England or even London. It just seems so strange for a place so small.


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