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In order, here are my Top 5 All-Time!

1. 24
2. Seinfeld
3. The Jeffersons (until the last 2 or 3 seasons)
4. The Practice (but I never saw an episode last season).
5. The Sopranos

Honorable mention go to Star Trek (Voyager & the Next Generation), Roc (what a great show), The Cosby Show, Frasier, and (ahem)...



Married With Children.
(I tried to hide it down below).
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I could watch TV with you anytime! I loved "Roc"! I even agree with your "Married with Children" choice {did i say that?!!!} But, because of my schedule, and because I watched a little Scrubs and a little "The Real World", i never got to see the last 5 episodes of 24. So, what happened? Who was the bad guy on the inside? What happened with {Haysbert's} family? And, what do you think of CSI?
Well, I'm with LaFemme Nkechi on the subject of LaFemme Nikita. I just love that name, too. Just disappointed I missed the 8 coda episodes (if anyone saw them, don't tell me what happened. I might catch them eventually).

Star Trek Next Generation & DS9,
Homicide: Life on the Street (I just loved to watch Detective Pembleton do his thing).

Vox, Faith, don't feel ashamed about MWC...I resisted watching them in their first 2 or 3 seasons, but *mumble* Xena and Buffy go on my list with the others.
cosby show began my thursday nights on it's been a different world, er for a little while, friends (yeah i said friends), seinfeld, finally will and grace!

anything "real or roads" on mtv

ally mcbeal--i wanna work in her firm!

lots of music videos (bet/vh1 soul/mtv & mtv2) -- love the video hoe's (i aspire to be one one day):D

soul food
six feet under
sex in the city
the wire
taxi cab confessions

those who stand for nothing fall for anything
How could i forget Highlander!! That guy has got to go down in history as one of the most gorgeous white boys of all time {IMHO!!}. Oh, yea, and the show was great, too!! I was truly hurt when it went off of the air.
and , of course, the best comedy of ALL TIME just HAS to be SANFORD AND SON!
Thanks, La Femme for the 24 link! I love your picture { i used to wear my hair that way, too!!}.
And, Lea, I feel you on Buffy!! big grin
I don't watch lots of TV. I've never really gotten into sitcoms, so here's my list in no specific order.

  • Monday Night Football

  • Meet The Press

  • CNN - pretty much the entire experience

  • HBO Original Programming - the best stuff on TV

  • Young and The Restless - got hooked in college. I was a regular there for awhile.

    Onward and Upward!
  • Seems to me, I recall that you were a big "Real World" fan, way back when. Anyway, I definately agree about Meet The Press. And, if i weren't such a cheapskate, I would get HBO. Now, about The Young and The Restless... going back over the last few decades {you said that you watched in college, right?}, who were your favorite characters of all time?
    Faith, I would feel guilty giving up the ending of "24," even though it's over. Use Nkechi's link. I must say, it was something else. I wonder what this new season's gonna be like.

    CSI and Alias, I've never seen, because I don't have much time for TV, but everyone agrees that I would like them a lot if I could watch 'em. Sanford & Son would probably be in my top 10, except that I haven't seen it in so many years I can't judge it.
    Highlander, 1st season on DVD is available : I must get that and they have a DVD with the 13 greatest episodes coming out in October. You are right about Adrian Paul being one hot white guy. But I have to admit I had a crush on the guy that played Methos. My favorite bad guy was the actor/singer Roland Gift, the black (mixed) one. Bad Mo-Fo. His arm got chopped off, remember?

    I also have a thing for bad guys (not in real life)... love Vampires too (Spike.. Mmm). All started with the movie Die Hard.

    But what I am waiting for... confused is La Femme Nikita on DVD. It still comes on at about 4am, sun-thurs on USA. I have taped alot of the episodes, so I need to get what I don't have. I also have the synopsis for all 5 seasons episodes in an Access Database. I copied it from the USA website.

    I'm pretty sure I taped the last 8 episodes. Was not very happy about it ending at all mad It would have been interesting so see what they would have came up with in light of everything that is going on in the world now.

    I wish there were black dominated shows along these lines. I'm not much of a sitcom person and regualr everyday drama.. I have my own life with that stuff, don't need to worry about it on TV. I want sci-fi, fantasy, spies... with black people. That would be so cool cool

    OMG... cannot believe I did not mention ALIAS... a good replacement for my Nikita. I'm hooked on it after I resisted for a while. Now I have to go back and watch the first few months. VOX... watch it, tape it.. if you were a Nikita fan.
    I wish there were black dominated shows along these lines. I'm not much of a sitcom person and regualr everyday drama.. I have my own life with that stuff, don't need to worry about it on TV. I want sci-fi, fantasy, spies... with black people. That would be so cool

    Yes! Agree with you there, every bit of it. I'm write in those categories, with black characters, and I have a friend who's a film student. She wants to start off on cable, and we want stuff like this made by us, for us. I don't do TV, I prefer writing books, but I'd be game for letting someone (most likely it will be her) turning them into movies.

    I'm still resisting Alias, but if they have another season, I suspect I'll watch it.
    1. Tom & Jerry (the MGM/Fred Quimby years)
    2. Woody Woodpecker
    3. Mighty Man & Yukk (on the Plastic-Man Comedy/Adventure Hour)
    4. Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends
    5. The Smurfs!

    Mighty-Man was this tiny guy, I guess he had the strength of a normal sized man. Yukk, his sidekick, was the World's Ugliest Dog; he wore a doghouse on his head to cover his ugly face. When it was necessary, he would take the doghouse off, and cause the bad guys to recoil and flip out and drop. The landscape generally crumbled as well (we viewers never saw the face, thought). Some lesson for the youth, huh? But it was funny, though! I think it was on the same hour as "Rickety Rocket," another beacon of political correctness.

    Back in the day, hard to remember (no I am not that old, I'm only 37)
    1) Fat Albert
    2) Scooby Doo - But I hated that I could never figure it out.
    3) The Smurfs
    4) Johnny Quest - Why are people telling me the dad was gay?

    Now... I love politcallly incorrect humor.
    1) South Park - I aspire to be Cartman
    2) Simpsons
    3) Beavis and Butthead - I need some TP for my bunghole .. I did not know what TP meant for awhile - Funniest episode
    4) Daria - Totally understood her

    Other than that, todays cartoons, I cannot connect to for some reason. Powder Puff Girls, pah-leeease give me the remote. But I'd like to hear from people why they think its so great.

    La Femme Nkechi
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    Cartoons (back in the day)

    She-Ra (Cartoon network is coming out with a new He-Man)


    And sometimes my brother had me watching Gundam Wing, after Dragon Ball Z. DBZ grew on me after a while. Sometimes I tried to watch Aeon Flux, but the way they were drawn just made me think I was wearing a corset that someone was squeezing really tight.
    OMG.. memory loss is happening...

    Yes definitely, 3 Stooges and Speed Racer. Though looking at Speed Racer now.. what an A-hole he was. All those things just went over my head at the time.

    Along those lines:
    What's Happening - everyday, loved me some DeeDee. I think it was the future smart azz in me that liked her.
    Sigmond the sea monster - big grin and the other Marty Kroft stuff. All cheezy now, compared to today.
    now you done opened up a can of worms. i grew up watching way tooo much tv. so my favorite list could go on and on and on. but, i'll try to keep it under 50 for the sake of brevity! smile

    not necessarily in this order, but off the top of my head, i can tell you i like:

    -star trek (the original
    -Star trek TNG (the next generation)
    -buffy the vampire slayer (stop laughing. . . . .really, stop! now! that show is a kick behind show, it's like the x files meets 90210)
    -i dream of genie
    -the twilight zone
    -the outer limits
    -a different world
    -remember xena?
    -sex and the city
    -queer as folk (lower the eyebrows please)
    -the simpsons
    -the powerpuff girls (again, stop laughing. NOW!)
    -dexter's laboratory
    -tom and jerry
    -ren and stimpy
    -saturday night live
    -living single
    -behind the music (vhi)
    -those E! television exposes
    -sabrina the teenage witch (so horribly corny, it's good)
    -married with children (and i say it with pride)
    -good times (i know controversial)

    okay i'm forgetting something. so as arnie said "i'll be back". . . .
    i was sure number one would be on nykkii's list but here goes...

    1. 90210
    2. Party of Five
    3. Cheers
    4. Ally McBeal
    5. MTV "Reality Shows"
    6. Trading Spaces (TLC)
    7. A Wedding Story (TLC)
    8. Transformers
    9. He Man
    10. Oh Mighty Isis (who remembers this?)
    11. The Land of the Lost
    12. Wonder Woman (the TV show)
    13. Super Friends
    I have a link to a website that contains sound files of almost every TV show theme song EVER... including prime time, Saturday cartoons, AND the "Schoolhouse Rock" bits.

    But... I just clicked on it and found that they've changed it into a subscription service. It used to be free. And here I thought I was just about to have all of you loving and sweating me and calling me great things!

    Oh well. Here it is anyway...
    now why would you think 90210 would have been on my list?? i actually can count on two fingers the number of times i ever watched that show.

    mention knotts landing, or dallas, or dynasty and i was all over that. big grin

    oh mighty isis---i remember that--we used to play it outside in the yard!

    and He Man, and SuperFriends in the Hall of Justice fighting the bad guys in the Legion of Dome, that was always moving to a different place!!

    favorite superfriend??

    where did the wondertwins fit in all of that....
    size of an elephant, form of ice...wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!

    what about LAND OF THE LOST with Will, and his little sister Holly and their lame Dad who couldn't help them find their way out--always runnin from the slee-stacks (or reggie miller as i see him resembling those slee-stacks!) big grin

    okay..that's enough

    those who stand for nothing fall for anything
    Originally posted by Faith:
    I could watch TV with you anytime! ... i never got to see the last 5 episodes of 24. So, what happened? Who was the bad guy on the inside? What happened with {Haysbert's} family? And, what do you think of CSI?

    I had to dig up this old thread, just to point out how great last night's episode of '24' was, for those who watch it. I think it was the best one ever, and one of the most incredible single episodes of any TV show I've ever seen. Is anybody following this show this season? How about Dennis Haysbert, putting it down as the first black US President? And is "The Shield" as good as I keep hearing?
    For anyone that missed that pivital ALIAS episode, where all the shit hit the fan, that came on an hour early (and no one knew), its going to replay this Sunday... I have been told.

    I love that show... almost as much as La Femme Nikita. I'm a complicated love triangle, spy junky, what can I say...

    Is anyone out there into ALIAS.. Sundays @ 9pm???

    I watch Angel! I am not sure about Cordi at all, I have a theory that from the very beginning since she came back, she was working for the "forces of evil," and that she might not even be Cordi. Or, that hell guard Skip and the Powers That Be maneuvered her into becoming that higher being to bring about what's happening with the Beast. I just can't guess the point, though.

    You must have seen Tuesday's episode by now. About the end...I can only say d a m n.

    D A M N is right on the mark. Before the end part, I thought Cordi looked pregnant. How come no one else noticed? But babies don't grow that fast! Unless its the Beast's child, cause she was getting down with him (GROSS! - did you see that kissing).

    It is all confusing, but I do hope they keep Faith for awhile.. I just wonder who is going to fall in love with her?
    Wow, this topic is too much for me! First of all, I used to come in the house every day at 6 o'clock starting from like first grade to watch star trek generations. That was the begining. I used to like Leave it to Beaver a lot until I realized it wasn't just the lack of color over all, they really were white. Kidding. Here's the list:

    1.Disney Afternoon: DarkWing Duck, Chip and Dale, the Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, Duck Tales (whoo hoo), Tale Spin
    2. All series of Star Tek execpt original, Kirk was boring
    3.Dawson's Creek until I realized I hated Dawson
    4. Felicity until I realized I hated Felicity, (I mean really, put some bass in your voice, punk)
    5.I am in love with Smallville
    6.Rosewell (I cried when it went off)
    7.Buffy of course. Up until the disatarous UPN move, I'd probably missed 4 episodes in like five years
    8.Does anyone remember that Fox show Roar? It only had like 6 episodes but I was hooked
    9.Dark Angel was the shit! It was so much better because the two main caracters were actually dating in real life and I swear you could tell
    10. Transformers and He-Man were of course favorites in up until like 6. Randomly I saw a She-Ra episode this weekend and let me tell you, there are some barely hidden themes in that cartoon. It was like a disney movie.
    11.X-Men: though definitly the Fox version that ended in like 99, much better
    12.Spiderman, same version
    13.Really obscure japanese cartoon named Rowan Warriors. I came on at like 4:30 in the morning.

    I think those are most of the big ones.

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