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Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Cue the spooky music ...

48. Arizona:McCain

49. Alaska:Palin

50. Hawaii:Obama

1. Delaware:Biden

A few more 0bservations:

1. (for the spooky file) This correspondence between the candidates and the order in which the states were admitted to the union only holds up if you associate McCain, Palin, and Biden to the states which support their political careers ... but associate Obama to the state in which he was born and in which he spent most of his childhood.

McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, Palin was born in Idaho (admitted 43rd), Biden was born in Pennsylvania (admitted 2nd) ..... and Obama's political career was made in Illinois (admitted 21st).

2. What is perhaps more substantial (or at the least, more amenable to rational explanation): the correspondence might also reflect the growing power (economic and political) of the western states. We seem to normally pay attention to a south-north axis when we think of electoral politics. But the blue states are oriented along more of an east-west axis (especially if Obama successfully flips a few of the southeastern battleground states - like Virginia or North Carolina - or western battlegrounds like Nevada or Colorado). The red states are oriented more along a south-north axis.

The Biden pick then makes sense as consolidating that east-west axis. Biden (born in Pennsylvania and representing Delaware) is associated with the old eastern states (and the old manufacturing economy). Obama is from out west (born in the last state admitted to the union and currently representing a state in the heart of the mid-west).

The US expanded (for the most part) from east to west and so the newest states are of course all western. And then maybe all of this makes more sense than was at first apparent?

Also, does this bode ill for McCain ... since he and his pick are both from out west (48th and 49th)? I.e. Despite the apparent contrasts between them (gender and age wise), perhaps overall balance on that ticket is lacking?
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