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Scary how the government keep these people in thought and in eyesight for so long even after the fact of the Civil Rights established on the federal level for at least or almost 3 decades.

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This MAY happen or MAY NOT. "White gods" will ultimately decide.

Alabama may pardon violators of racial segregation laws

March 17, 2006


MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Alabama lawmakers are considering pardoning hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who were arrested decades ago for violating Alabama's segregation laws.

The idea of a mass pardon gained traction after the death last year of civil rights icon Rosa Parks, who had refused to give up her bus seat to a white man half a century earlier.

Even though the law allowing segregated seating on city buses was eventually overturned, Parks' conviction is still on the record, said Rep. Thad McClammy.

''This is something that's long overdue. It's something aimed at giving the state a forward look,'' he said.

His proposed ''Rosa Parks Act'' would pardon everyone ever arrested under the state's segregation laws, which date back to the state's 1901 constitution.

''I think it's wonderful. There were 89 people arrested during the bus boycott and I think every one of them should be pardoned because of the contribution they made to the state and the nation,'' said Rep. Alvin Holmes, a Democrat and veteran of the civil rights movement.

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