Agriculture or Science? The Tiller of the Ground, Cain.

4022 BC"”3882 –2356"”1436----------AD 2--------1800---------2008

Copper Age – 4th Millennium or 3000s BC

When I grew up, I was always taught that Cain was ˜a farmer'. I was taught byway of the church and all of the pictures in the books sent to the black church byway of the European church officials and from their headquarters that God rejected Cain's gift of agriculture. But based upon my research, I find that was not entirely true. It was part truth. His descendants were known for agricultural farming and cattle farming but there was more to this story. Just as in the very name of ˜Cain' of which transcends throughout time, he was ˜a tiller of the ground' but he went much deeper below the ground and deeper beyond mere agriculture. He tilled the ground for ˜metal'! Cain was ˜a metalsmith' [metal smiter] and he was taught by ˜someone' to till the ground for such things as stone, copper, nickel and etc. His very name means ˜metalsmith'. So now it begins to make more sense to me as to why the living God rejected Cain's offering.

If you have created mankind and mankind became a living and breathing soul, would you want your own creation to bring you an idol that cannot live and breathe!? Cain brought the living God an idol! Wow! What an insult. Furthermore, the descendants of Cain and later JapHeth became known as ˜idol worshipers' for this reason. In addition, the early pre-flood Cainites expounded upon stone works and metal works and the Bible notes this based upon descendants of Cain of whom became highly skilled in all manner of iron, copper and brass works and such like. They learned how to extract metals from the ground and from stone. Cain jumped ahead of the living God because later, many other civilizations of people began to develop technological skills too such as the Cush Hamites and their contributions were even more astounding.

One specific name that identifies the descendants of Cain in early written history would be ˜Khety' [var. ˜Kheth', ˜Hetepheres' and more] and this name transcends for thousands and thousands of years because the firstborn son of Noah took on this name connection to metal works as well. Noah initially named him after the living God. The firstborn son belongs to God and JapHeth was Noah's firstborn son of the woman of the ark. Therefore, JapHeth received a holy name. But JapHeth went from being ˜Ptah' [Petah] or, ˜the anointed one of God' to being known as ˜JapHeth' and in association with stone works, metal works, pots and etc.

The pharaoh and founder of the 12th Dynasty was named ˜Ammenemes I' and his name was sometimes written as ˜Ammenehet I'. He was a descendant of JapHeth. The 12th Dynasty pharaohs were written to rule one of the greatest and most prosperous times in Egyptian history because they embraced Mizraim Ham and did not work against the Hamitic people of the land. In fact, based upon a comparison of timelines of the secular world and the Bible, it was the pharaoh, Amenemes III [Lamares] that was the very pharaoh that raised Joseph out of prison! One major reason behind the history of these ˜Mene pharaohs' has to do with their beginnings. Based upon their origins, they are a divided people and, the Menes that went south and connected with Ham were the only Hethites that pulled away from JapHeth significantly, when JapHeth went against Noah. Their rule though, finally ended with the invasion of the Hyksos-Hurrian forces and these Theban-Menes became continually caught between powerful systems of Ham and JapHeth in Egypt.

Thousands of years later and up to this day, Heth people can still be recognized by their beginnings with metal works. History is linked. Words and names like ˜Chief Black Kettle' [Ket] of whom was a Native American chief of the Cheyenne Nation [Ca-in or Che-yenne; same phonetic pronunciation!], ˜Texas' [Teksas; Ket-sas], ˜Aztecs', ˜Mixtecs', ˜Sabtecha' [Cush-Khety son of Ham] and many more names shows their connection to ˜metal technology' [tech-chet] and the distant past. Finally though, what seems so uncanny was the fate of the Cheyenne North American Indians and others like them such as ˜the Apache' [Japache], ˜the Comanche' [Gom-Manchu], ˜the Houma Nation' [Homa] and many more. This government shot off the afro-haired natives in the A.D. 1500s and let the straight hairs live but, in the 1800s, they went after the straight hairs too and why? It was all done due to the boom of ˜technology and inventions'. They wanted to lay down the steel railroad lines and so . . . all of sudden, the straight hairs [the Reds or Cayenne people] became typed caste as evil heathens . . ..
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