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Major Realty Firm Accused Of Racial Discrimination

Coldwell Banker Denies Claims By National Fair Housing Alliance

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Kristyn Hartman

(CBS) CHICAGO A well-known real estate company is in the hot seat this Tuesday morning, accused of racial bias when it comes to selling Chicago area homes.

As CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman reports, the National Fair Housing Alliance conducted an undercover investigation of Coldwell Banker realty and says it came up with some very disturbing information.

The investigating agency says this is the third complaint nationally against the firm NRT Inc., the largest residential brokerage firm in the country and parent company to Coldwell Banker.

The National Fair Housing Alliance says it was the Coldwell Banker Gold Coast office specifically where their testers encountered discriminatory practices.

They had white and African-American testers pose as potential condominium buyers, looking for homes in such neighborhoods as Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast and Lakeview.

An Alliance spokeswoman said the investigation uncovered blatant discrimination by real estate agents against African-Americans. She said white testers saw 36 properties, while their African-American counterparts with better qualifications were shown only seven.

In one case, a real estate agent reportedly even suggested an African-American tester posing as a buyer should rent rather than buy.

At a news conference, the president of the group said agents were steering clients, which violates Fair Housing law – violations she said Chicago has seen in the past.

"Why, in Chicago, are we finding real estate agents still blatantly engaging in violations of the Fair Housing Act, these people who are working for Gold Coast?" said National Fair Housing Alliance President Shanna Smith. "You know, there are a lot of good agents in Chicago, but it only takes a handful of agents to perpetuate segregation and to limit a person's choice.

In filing its complaint, the Alliance is preparing federal litigation and talking with the U.S. Department of Justice.

In response to the allegations, Coldwell Banker President and Chief Operating Officer Doug Ayers said in a statement: "We take the allegations made by the National Fair Housing Alliance very seriously. But we have no reason to believe at this time that there is any merit to the complaint. Our company does not tolerate discrimination, which is well documented. We will of course continue to review the allegations."

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I am going to have to TELL YOU SOME MORE, there are those who DONT WANT YOU TO LIVE. Think about it.

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This s*&t is why we should stop seeking to integrate with people who don't want us near them, and create our own affluent, exclusive neighborhoods. There are many in Georgia and Louisiana, but not nearly enough in big cities like Detroit and Los Angeles. It would have a two-fold effect, because through exclusive neighborhoods we can create financial centers that circulate money within our communities. Of course, if we manage to maintain a virtually all-Black, high-income, low crime meighborhood, whites will just coach hspanics and Asians to say that we're discriminating. I mean, they can't just up and do a Tulsa, Oklahoma these days, so they gotta try it another way.

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