Although I have great respect for Minister Louis Farrakhan, this name generator is foolish. Hello, is Louis not an Anglo-Saxon name? I was fortunately blessed with a Ki swahili name at birth and when I entered my name on this site, it wasn't even recognized as an African name. The name I was given was Shaft, which is even more ridiculous.
Jones == Shuakhwe

McGee == Shuakhwe

Harris == Raheem

Phillips == Raheem

Phillips == Zuwadza

Mayhorn == Kwennoir

Carter == Kwennoir

Mack == Shaleesa

I can't comment on the meanings of the, so called, African names but just a few entries show that different names will yield the same result and only one test of the same name got different results. So it looks like nothing but a randomizing algorithm with not a lot of names to choose from.

Disgustingly shallow! 18

I guess my CPU is running underclocked but it occured to me this morning that that webpage has nothing to do with Farrakhan, the Fade To Black people just threw that together and and put his name and picture up there.

Maybe we can get the NOI people to beat the crap out of them. As a joke of course. lol

And check out the last line on the homepage...

"Best of luck, and remember with your new African name you can now enjoy being different like everyone else."

How can you be like 'everyone else' if you're different? Isn't that the purpose of being different, so you don't have to be like everyone else? Confused

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