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Great a minister.

Now I have a questions to propose.


A man of God can certainly tell the difference.

You do want to receive God's approval.

No problem with this

The family unit in Africa is more community based rather than the individual, the man is the head of the household and his rules are final.

Same here family unit is community based.

Businessman and women. Teachers. Doctors. Government employees etc.

All are DOING WELL but does that mean they are DOING GOOD.

Last time I check MEN still run the COURSE of this SOCIETY (leaders and family) in America. I really wish MEN were ACCEPTING of WOMEN in roles of LEADERSHIP which MEN deny them even when QUALIFIED.

Many Africans converted to Christianity so they can have access to western education

I am not a Christian practicing Christianity.

What I am receiving is that Africans do not believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior after all but believe in the tenets or commandments of WESTERN EDUCATION.

It's all a FRONT.

Alright. God is still GOOD for ALL PEOPLES.


...I know many Moslems in Nigeria that went to Baptist Grammar School or Methodist High School.

I know many athiest, Baptist, Pentecostals, Muslims in America etc who go to CATHOLIC SCHOOL.

I am sorry but the MINISTER keeps digging holes that get DEEPER with no TREASURE in SITE.

Any practicing Christian SHOULD KNOW NOT to COMPARE and to BOAST.

Oh well.


African Immigrants are also proud people; they take pride in providing for their family and would typically not want government handouts. When I earned $11 an hour and we had our first child (wife was in medical school), we got government aid in form of milk and other nutrients (WIC) for about 6 months for the child, as a father those were the worst period of my life in America, it meant I could not provide for my family. Today, I know many American families that rely on handouts and actually think it is their birthright.

A government handout is the ROADS you drive your big MERCEDES BMW etc on. Those roads come out of the same SOURCE as the GOVT HANDOUT so called welfare recipients get THERES. SO is the POWER and ELECTRICITY, RAILWAY, GAS, WATER etc. So is the FOOD in the STORES. SO is the SCHOOLS you get YOUR EDUCATION FROM.

So is the US EMBASSY in NIGERIA getting those GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS. American AIRPORTS and AIRLINES you arrived in gets its FUNDING from GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS.

Did you catch Congress bailing out AIRLINES for BILLIONS of DOLLARS.

Don't leave yourself out BROTHER.

It gets deeper BROTHER.

God is deeper than our OWN UNDERSTANDING.

If you're truly INDEPENDENT God stil BLESSES YOU and all of US in the WHOLE WORLD.

If this is the SOURCE of PRIDE, OH WELL, but TRULY I am HAPPY for YOU.


As I write this article and I think of the many friends I have in both communities and I'm beginning to conclude that attitude to higher education is a key factor in the differences between the African-American and the African Immigrant.

It WOULD APPEAR SO. You can use a KNIFE to cut a piece of FATTEN MEAT to SHARE or you can use it TO JUST KILL and RULE.


Since education is so important to African Immigrants, marrying someone with at least a first degree is usually a priority. Also, let us (African Immigrants) stop marrying the uneducated African-American for immigration purposes the Bible calls it a sin and remember obedience is better than sacrifice. If you are really in love then go ahead and marry as long as you have the intention that it is forever (whether she moves with you to Africa or not) and you better be ready to work on the cultural differences.

So that Christianity stuff was really a FRONT.

I am not Christian so I am not OFFENDED otherwise.


Behaving like Paul the Apostle said like MERE MEN.

Oh well.

Many folk here and there boast Christianity is NOT GOOD for black folks. I really hope this EXAMPLE isn't that IDEAL.


As the population of African churches increase in America, there need to be more interaction that encourages our common purpose in Christ than our differences. When African based churches are having African praise nights (with songs in African languages) make it a point of duty to invite the African-American community to such events. Deliberate efforts should also be made to foster relationship among the leadership rather than, the air of arrogance that currently is in place.

I really hope those African churches like many other churches are DOING GOOD and BEING FREED with the SPIRIT (Walking in the SPIRIT).


Where does WESTERN EDUCATION fit in the SPIRIT?

Western education here and there DO NOT go into DEPTH about SLAVERY and its EFFECTS on EVERYONE including them WHITE GODS.

The study of SLAVERY and its EFFECT is still at its SEED-BEARING STAGE.

Oh well, I guess that is what we all get for following those WHITE GODS and their MINIONS.
The guy has a lot of truth. But some of was just him being an Ass. I hope no one hates me for this. But I do agree on African America. We do need a little more help. I do think Africans value Education more then we do in the States. But I think that's due to just being an American. That's why Americans schools are lacking behind the rest of the world. No value in Education. We only recently starting giving a care about Spelling Bee's. Which in the past was only truly cared about by the nerdy or foreign kid in school. But I disagree with him on Africans wanting to learn the Western ways. Because Africans will tell you right there they like African Americans. Aren't trying to hear what the White Man says. I guess all those years of wanting Independence and Equal Rights was all for nothing. According to him Africans just want to learn the ways of the West. NOT! That guy is such a moron. Africans aren't trying to learn f*ing Western values. They are trying to learn new Technology and Medicine. That just happens to come from the West. So they can go back and help their homeland and teach what they learned.

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