African Fertility Clinic Encourages Couples To Have Bi-racial Babies


By Daphne R

Skin complexion is an issue for people of color all over the world and in Ghana, there’s a new business that is on a mission to breed what they call “half-caste” babies for a better Africa.


In Ghana, the fairer skinned people are often placed on a higher pedestal and are in greater demand for dates. Some refer to them as hotcakes because of their lighter skin color.


Modern science, namely artificial insemination, is credited with having the ability to breed mixed-raced or half-caste babies without the need to marry or be intimate with a person of another race.


In Accra, Ghana, there’s a gallant effort being made to create a new society in Africa referred to as a “Half-Caste World” through artificial insemination which it believes will position Africa for a better future.

“Half-caste World is founded to transform Africa into the land of riches and beauty, the land of every man’s dream. We believe life began in African and will end in Africa,” the advocates posted on their Facebook page.

The group solicits both African couples and single women who want to give birth to half-caste babies, calling it the opportunity of a lifetime. The person behind this campaign has chosen to remain anonymous. However, byinfoboxx,com has done some digging in an attempt to identify the person behind it all. Their research points to Augustine N.K. Boateng. Boateng has declined to comment or provide any details about his involvement other than to say, “I just started it (the website) and wouldn’t want to involve the media at this early stage.”


Gametes (reproductive cells) are provided from almost all nationalities, including the UK and US, at $3,000 USD, and Boateng claims the procedure to insert the gametes can be done at a clinic or in a home. The venture prides itself on providing biracial babies with “mental and physical beauty.”

“A new world has began and it is like the tide, you either swim along or get left behind. You too can be a blessing for the next generation,” Boateng posted on Facebook.


To Boateng, there is what he calls “a vast racial gap between Africa and the rest of the world,” which should be bridged through breeding of half-castes in Africa.




 Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.


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Pathetic. Just pathetic. And just when I thought we couldn't sink any lower.


Those biracial children they are placing on a pedestal will one day be adults. How will they feel about these prized children when they end up having all of the wealth (power) in the country and start discriminating against the dark skinned Ghanians?


I feel really sorry for the beautiful, dark skinned, ORIGINAL children in that country. 



Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:

Im wondering how real this story is................


After a good night's sleep, I woke up thinking, 'You know that story now seems a bit fishy after being more awake. A couple of those images seem familiar.' 


One of the images is actually that of a Nigerian couple whose baby was born with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. The baby is likely albino. The other photo looked eerily familiar, too. It is a photo of Marcus DeWare and his wife holding an adopted daughter (who is Hispanic).


Note to self: Stay away from the internet when you are tired or sleepy.


After a search on Augustine N.K. Boateng (the 'doctor'), I came across this article debunking this actually fictional story. It provides the origins of it. I can't post the article in its entirety because it is copyrighted material.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!


If it seems fishy, it likely is. 

The pictures do look more like stock photos, but I on another site where Africans were speaking of it as if it really was occurring or a the couple they knew who had did this or "how they are so quick to want to show off their 'half-caste' baby", etc., etc.


I doubt that it is something that is widespread, but I wouldn't doubt that it has never happened at all, when you consider how some of our people are so filled with such self-hatred and such desire to be their oppressor's pet, because at this point in history, there are just as many Africans that are "color-struck" and obsessed with "straight" hair, etc., as there are anywhere else throughout the Black diaspora.  

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but I wouldn't doubt that it has never happened at all when you consider.....


That's usually what articles like this feed into.  This same type of thing happens A LOT with Japan, and China (albeit much more politically based in China's case).  The Euro centric idea of "exotic" and the perception of the "strangeness"  makes for a combination for viral stories that pull on people's willingness to believe them over any factual basis for them.


It was only a couple of weeks ago when the (now annual) MLK strip club/dancer party fliers made the rounds.  People are being fed confusion to make it harder to tell the real from the fake.

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