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We see so many clothes made in honor of Our Black people. I mostly seem them specifically made for adults. The long flowing gowns and the most stylish African made hats. Now, we take a turn in a different
direction because I found Handmade African clothes for children.

I will say that there's nothing that holds my attention in
clothes more passionately than pattern. If it's a great pattern, I could be
staring for hours like I'm looking into a dream. Pattern, color, style, design...
that's what all these clothes have.

I would love to see more African clothes stores in Michigan.
That's what Michigan lacks. I seen one in Georgia but not out here.
Ofcourse, I've never been all over Michigan but I'm telling you, there should
be African clothing stores in every city.

OUtfit number 1 has the blue and green geometric design.It is so adorable. It makes you want to reach out and grab it. It is composed of vertical stripes in
navy blue on an emerald green background.

There are circles and squares throughout.The sleeves stand out so much because they fan
out a little. The skirt is wraparound, one of my favorite skirt styles I sit and admire.

Very versatile people, because you can go both ways with this skirt. You can use this skirt to makea shorter skirt by folding it over OR you can make it a floor length skirt.

NExt up is the blue on yellow get up.Navy blue curves come in a set on this outfit. It is abundant with thin white lines and light blue verticallines joining the two curves. That's why they call it the Blue Lips outfit. ANother versatile outfit that can do the same thing with the skirt as the first one mentioned.

Outfit number #3, You know what I think of whenI look at this outfit. The Answer: atoms, bonds, molecules,rings. Get ready to be mesmerized. It's a yellow/ navy blue
and white coordination. You like?

OH, and here we go! Outfit number 4 is very energizing. It's the type of outfit you would run a marathon for.Spectacular. It's the nested Rectangles outfit. One rectangle fits right into the other. The colors that take over the outfit are royal blue, orange, and green and it's perfectly set up to get your

Outfit Number #5
Oh with this Spring Mandala, I can't help but say... I feel
like I'm in some kind of specially designed building. The colors are of a spring nature.

Moving on, Just to let you know it's patterns of clothing PEOPLE, those are just someof the clothes that are on that site. It's plenty more people. If only you could reach through
the computer and feel the material. I wonder
how it feels. Well the design alone is enough to make
people want to buy. I know I will be telling more people about these clothes.!ORDERID!
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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