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Are there any programmers here that would like to help/teach/network/support each other?

I'm looking for SQL, VB/VS, ASP and Access buddies.

For instance (SQL), does anyone know how to get an output paramater from sp_exeutesql in a stored procedure. I need to use the information outside of it, otherwise I would have to put the whole (rest) of the stored procedure in the statement. Had to use this command because the table name is variable.

Let me know, thanks

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Well the Unite offer, was what I was really after with the post... I love helping as well as being helped. Just happened to mention my current delima.

I am using MS SQL Server 2000. I have a really good SQL book, but as usual I always want to do the impossible (or hard to do) and its not generally covered in most books. What I really need an excellent book on Stored Procedures, Tips and Tricks, Secrets.. etc...

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I am in a few of those groups and I may go there to look for information. I liked it better when it was in Club format, I would answer questions all the time. The format of Groups is not a good as Clubs was and those damn ads drive me crazy. I'm tired of everything being about advertising. Its why I now hate BP, I am seriously thinking about deleting my page.

The other reason I want to connect/unite here, is that I want to help black people and know some black people that do what I do. Who knows, one day we might say f-it, were good and start our own consulting business online, or even work on projects needed for the further empowering of our people.

Hell, anyone black really serious about learning or needs certain software, I have some major apps ( wink won't mention in public, spy eyes everywhere wink) that I will give away for private use. I have a CD burner at home and at work. And if you have Nero software (got that too), a CD burner and a fast internet connection, we can do a CD image transfer thru FTP.

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