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this site has been here close a year and a half thanks to the nuturing of MBM. (thank you!)

some of us are brand new, some have found their way here due to similar sites closing, and some of us have been here since almost the beginning.

what does mean to you??


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i'll start...

this site has become like a home for me. a home with many different rooms where old/new friends wander in and out sharing their thoughts on whatever the topic is up for grabs in the room at that moment.

when i think about, i think about a scene from Love Jones when the cast members are sitting in someone's living room discussing male/female relationships, drinking wine, laughing and disagreeing--but respectfully and with love. that is exactly what this place is like for me. only all of y'all are virtual, and no one's refilling my wine glass. Wink

i think we've had our share of visitors who haven't been as welcome as others. those who've come in and disrupted things--knocked stuff over and made a mess of the flow of converstations. (anyone remember factoid?? Roll Eyes ) there have been converstations that should have been taken OUTSIDE -and now that we have that 'outside' deck area (?) they can go there and allow our rooms to continue on.

i enjoy everyone here on those who push me to the edge of my computer screen. i don't spend a lot of time posting in the issues section--but you guys over there are my daily CNN-thank you!!

here's to another 18 months!! CHEERS

nyk Wink

Well Said Nykki.

Well means alot to me, it's my relaxation at the end of a long hard day.It's a place where I come mostly for entertainment and laughs, but also to gain knowledge from other intelligent black people.

The Lord is on my side;I will not fear:what can man do unto me?
(Psalms 118:6)

If God brings you to it - He will bring you through it.

off topic--msp--i actually am taking/took down that pic. me on my back isn't going to be any better than the distraction of the pic i had up! Eek

i got pierced (that piercing) last memorial day in miami and took it out as soon as i got home. just wasn't me.

i enjoy my other piercing a lot more, and so do those who find it when the time is right Wink

bbutton nor the other location hurt too much--(deliver a baby with no drugs and pain is relative) i'd say just the few days afterward were difficult--no shorts or jeans on my tummy, being careful laying down, etc. i don't miss it, but wouldn't lose my other piercing for anything. Wink


[This message was edited by Nykkii on September 06, 2003 at 02:37 AM.] is home to me also. It allows me the freedom to express my whacky views amongst highly intelligent brothers and sisters, without ridicule, very little reprimand and to see how others think about matters which concern us all and to arrive at my own determinations about subjects. For this, I thank you all; especially MBM. It's a wonderful site, and very addictive. enables me to be "in touch" the thinking and focus of African America, in general. Living in a small population limits one's exposure. Having made the kind of decision I have, I am continually trying to improve on the definition-of-self involved and its relationship to all others like me.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.
I have a like/dislike relationship with

I like the fact that it's a forum to discuss issues

I dislike the fact that it seems to be a haven for so-called "intellectuals" who over analyze and over state their point on a subject. Instead of saying "Today my boss wrote me up for coming into work late" the typical poster will say "I received a written reprimand from my superior today which indicates that I was tardy". Roll Eyes.. Mad.. Eek....

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment....
...I dislike the fact that it seems to be a haven for so-called "intellectuals" who over analyze and over state their point on a subject...ThaWatcher

Ouch...I appreciate your honesty. Please accept my apologies, because I am guilty of overstating my opinion at times. I will be mindful of that in the future. brosmile

What does mean to you?
It is a place where I come and express my views. I like all the areas of I especially like discussing issues, but am not a debater or argumentative, so I avoid commenting on most topics in the issues forum.

I also enjoy reading a messageboard where the participants are informed and generally civil in disagreements. No other messageboard has held my interest like

Great site MBM and Members!
For me it's a place where I can finally talk to and relate to people of my race without being placed in a sterotypical box. I have enjoyed the people I have met here and the diverse views have let me know I'm not as weird as I thought I was and my thoughts and ideas are no different than anyone else.

The forums about relationships and "for sisters only" have really helped me as I used to have a fear of black females that until recently I still had.... brosmile

Alot of the topics that are taboo to some are freely discussed here and I have gained a little bit of knowledge and insight from everyone here.

Now if I can just figure out how to get rid of the avatar I've had since the beginning........... Big Grin
when I first came, seemed mainly to represent politically conservative African Americans. It was interesting to see a broader slice of African American political thought.

Since then, I've made this pretty much my main board. I enjoy the issues, the debates, seeing my people lay out their arguments so darn well, etc.

there have been times when i totally disagreed with something a poster said at first...then after I thought about it a few days...i could appreciate what they were saying

I like MBM's everloving perpetual pleasantness as well.
It's really my favorite site, of any kind, on the Internet. It's a site frequented by people who are thought-provoking, funny, cool, and interested in many of the same issues I'm interested in.

It's great to have these kinds of "discussions" with people from all over the country, and the world. I find that I don't debate as much as I used to, but I visit often, and contribute where I can, because so many of the people on this site seem to have an awful lot to offer. Keep up the good work, and big thanks to MBM!!

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