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We all know that figuring out the right eyebrow shape to
fit your face is not always easy. Some women overlook
their eyebrows and just let them grow like crazy. Your eyes
determine beauty just like a lot of things on the body. So your
eyebrows outline your eyes and really defines your eyes
and a face.

If you want to find the right eyebrow shape, you can
do a variety of things.

For one, you could use a straight edged object( a pencil
or orange stick works wonders). Hold it vertically
along the side of your nose so it touches where your
eyebrow starts. The area where the pencil meets
your eyebrow is where it should most likely start.

2. Use the pencil again, look straight ahead and line
up the pencil with the center of your pupil. The place
where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your
arch should begin naturally.

3. HOld the pencil at a diagonal from the outer corner
of your eye so your eye to the corner of your nose so
it goes above your eyebrow. The spot where your
pencil meets your eyebrow is where your brow is
ending naturally.

4. You can repeat the steps for your other eye.

Close set Eyes:

Start your brow slightly in from the inner corner of your eye
Make your arch just outside the center of your eye
Finish your brow outside the outer corner of your eye.

Well space eyes:

Start your brow right above the inner circle of your eye.
Make your arch over the middle of your eye.
Finish your brow at the top of the outer corner of your eye.

Wide spaced eyes

Begin your brow closer to your nose.
Make your arch slightly before the center of your eye.
Complete your brow at the top of the outer corner of your eye.
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Originally posted by isistah:
How are your eyebrows done Charisma? They look really delicate in the photo.

I've been plucking mine since high school, now they don't grow back. Big Grin

I pluck my eyebrows when I think about it, not
every week. It's been months since I had my
eyebrows plucked. My eyebrows still grow,
but i just now started getting my eyebrows
plucked with tweezers, but I would like to
try the eyebrow stencils.

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