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This is a true story: I had, what I considered to be, the esteemed pleasure of interacting with a woman, a few months ago, that I thought was particularly interesting. She was beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and had, what I thought was, a desire to love and be loved.

Throughout the course of us getting to know each other, we went out on a date or two, however, due to our demanding schedules, we mostly talked on the phone. There was one thing about her that triggered my sixth sense--she had this annoying habit of telling all of these sob stories about how the father of her child dogged her out relentlessly. She always ended her pitiful stories with that ill-fated general statement that women of her nature always make: "If I just had the right man in my life, I would love him and everything will be alright."

The mistake she made was in telling me that she was going to go out of town for a funeral for a friend. The red flag was when she said she would be there for a week. I immediately thought to myself, "This is a lying ass woman." why the hell would she need to stay with a "friend" for a week after a funeral? Of course, I began indirectly interrogating her to get the truth.

She finally told me she was really going to go see a guy she used to be in love with but was just a friend--further cross examination style questioning revealed that she had lied once again--she had actually been intimate with this "friend." To make a long story short, my instincts told me to cut her lose.

A few days ago, she calls me up to tell not only had she gotten back with her ex-lover, she was also 8 months pregnant--her second illegitimate child. I laughed my ass off, told her to have a nice, confused life, and politely ended the conversation. What was the point of this whole story? Listen to your instincts--every triffling woman will always use a sob story to shroud her lying, two-timing ways. No, I'm not bitter and I'm not angry--I just felt the need to share. Heheheheheh...
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Just a little piece of advice for what it's worth. Whenever an individual discusses prior relationships on a regular basis, they are not ready to enter into another relationship. They have to put that baggage down, resolve their past, and move on. You spent too much time listening to sob stories about "finding the right man", baby daddy drama, etc. I hear the same krap all the time about "finding the right woman." The next time a woman begins to speak of those matters - RUN, don't walk - in the opposite direction.

In order to find the right man, you have to be the right woman, and vice versa. You can't go forward looking back. Sorry this happened to you, but unfortunately something similar happens to everyone. There is someone who will appreciate who you are.
Good morning. You're pretty good with feeling people out Iron, but you know for some reason most folks aren't. Men and women alike. We'll see something that irks us, but think we can work thru. So things are cool and everything is love, then that THING pops back up and we dismiss it until it rears its UGLY head in our face and we can no longer ignore it.

I think if more people knew their OWN self-worth they wouldn't deal with all that bs. Just my opinion...

now lemme feel ya butt....
Well, Avi, it has taken years to develop my instincts.

Sandye, I know what you mean about not wasting time--this is specifically why, first of all, I don't get sexually involved, early in the game, with women that I know are questionable in their motives. Secondly, I don't get sexually involved specifically because of women like the one I described earlier.

Yeah, yeah, I know that men are just as capable of being evil too, but since I'm not gay, I'm going to speak from a heterosexual male point of view--there are women out there that make a lifestyle out of creating drama in their lives--they want nothing more than to seek pleasure in pulling other people down with them in their self-inflicted misery.
You aint never lied either Iron. I know women who are just MISERABLE and they LIKE IT..cuz if they didn't in my opinion they'd get up, get out and get something.

I'm glad I was raised with morals and self-respect. I have a positive attitude and dont expect anything in life from anyone.

Drama and I do not get along. I dont like yelling, fighting....all that is a waste of time.
Drama is unecessary, Avi. I've never saught to try to figure out a woman that shrouds herself in drama, other than the fact that she has emotional issues compounded by an intense low self-esteem and know considerable home-training.

You shole' like my booty don't ya? Heheheheheh...

You better watch out before you look around and see your little pink panties on the floor.....
No interesting student stories. The only part of a story I want to here about this whole school year is, THE END--no pun intended, by the way, that fool is continuously flooding an empty forum over there.

Now, if I could just get YOU to turn around, Avi, and show me that high yella butt of yours. You've already seen mine, now, it's your turn Hehehehehehehh...
You dont wanna see mine.... you'll NEVER leave me... J/K. You know.. I used to want to be a teacher but it seems like its so much work with little pay off. I'm sure the students that you DO have an impact on makes you feel good, but what about the 24 other assholes that make your job so HARD to do.

You're a great person to teach, especially the grades you teach. By the time they reach that age they've either got good sense or none at all.
And now, we've dignified that worthless peice of shit by talking about him/her over here. The good thing is, only four people from BP know about this site, so, if any crazy ass people come over here starting shit, I'll know exactly who it is--either one of the four that know of this site or one of the four leaked news of the site to someone else.

Now, since no one else from BP is over here yet, I'll just feel on ya booty and take the risk of being sprung....hehehehehehh....
QTY, I haven't had the pleasure of being in a relationship for more than a year or two, mainly because, first of all, I didn't start dating serioiusly until I was 22, and secondly, because I've moved around alot.

When I do date, even though I have a great sense of humor, I take my relationships seriously. No, I'm not over-protective or domineering, I just believe in LOVE, RESPECT, and FRIENDSHIP.
Iron dawg, don't get me started!

I have pretty much given up on meeting anyone in my current area of residence. I can get my fill of backstabbing, alterior motivie women (hell guys too for that matter) from a soap opera. Any looks I get my way lately I just give em a cold stare back and keep it moving. lol
Soon as the story starts to drop from their lips I just say "Stop. This is going to go nowhere REAL fast. Have a nice day.".....and I'm out!
Hey, Justin, they don't want to hear us, man!

When I tell many sisters, us brothers have just as hard a time as them, they look at me like I'm crazy.

Many of these sisters act like there's a credit union or 1st national bank somewhere full of professional, equally yoked, sensible minded sisters out there, just dying for us to propose to them.

Stay strong though, Justin. I've talked with many older brothers--brothers that have been married for 30 or more years and brothers that were divorced after 30 or more years--they all say the same thing to me--WAIT--TAKE YOUR TIME.

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