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A Tennessee mom to Cam Newton: Here’s what my 9-year-old saw.


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton dances in the end zone following a rushing touchdown Sunday against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. Jeff Siner


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Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Unless that's the wrong video, I didn't see any "pelvic thrust".  


I don't know, but may this 'mom' needs a man to show her what "pelvic thrust" really is so she'll stop tripping so hard over nothing.  




She is just a racist southerner. Cam Newton been dealing with racism since he won the Heisman.


He's disingenuous, attention whoring, fake, fake smile, childish, immature, flamboyant.


White people hate Cam Newton cause he don't look like somebody killed his puppy. 

Since the mom wouldn't answer  her questions I will. 


Won’t he get in trouble for doing that?


No.  He's just acting silly.  You know how you act when you are excited?  His expression is just different.  Maybe you shouldn't look.


Is he trying to make people mad?


No.  He's just being silly.  Like people do when they are happy about something.  Even though, you're not to do this cuz you are a lady but some people have the need to do it.  It's perfectly normal.


Do you think he knows he looks like a spoiled brat?


Spoiled brats have different looks.  Depending where they are from.  I know his behavior is something you wouldn't do.  But as you grow up, you may see others act like this.  Just don't you do it.  


Hint to the mom.  Ballers behaved like this all the time.  And even do it on television in front of millions of fans....including those fans around the world.  This behavior is set in stone for many ballers as tradition when making an  outstanding score or winning the game.  This is nothing outside the box of the game.  Even tennis players can be seen doing some kind of celebratory strut dance.  So either tell your daughter the truth [cuz he did not sign a contact to be a role model] OR.... stop going to live football games or any live game for that matter with your daughter.    Cuz life is NOT gon stop especially in sports cuz she's watching.  But!  

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Cam Newton feeds 900 kids, hosts Thanksgiving Dab contest.




Cam Newton hosted his third annual “Cam’s Thanksgiving Jam” on Monday night, feeding nearly 900 underprivileged kids a full Thanksgiving dinner ahead of the holiday.


In addition to turkey and mashed potatoes, the NFL star’s party had a few less traditional aspects, including a dance contest in which kids did their best to recreate Newton’s much-talked about dab celebration.


Panthers coach Ron Rivera dabs after Sunday victory

Newton also addressed some of the controversy around his post-touchdown dancing, saying he is trying to bring the joy the kids are showing onto the field, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“When I see kids doing a dance, whether it’s the Dab, the Nae Nae, the Twist, the Harlem Shake, the list goes on … that type of energy can’t be matched. And that’s what people don’t understand that critique the negativity about it. It puts a smile on my face, and you can’t ask for much more.”

The Panthers quarterback’s own foundation works with the Second Harvest Food Bank for the event, which began in 2013.


Carolina will try to remain undefeated against the Cowboys when the teams face off on Thursday.

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