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I have to confess. I am a woman who cannot commit. I have a hard time dealing with committing to a man. Don't know why. Anyone else have commitment issues?
"Brothers and sisters, friends and enemies: I just can't believe that everyone in here is a friend and I don't want to leave anybody out." - Malcolm X
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I have a couple! Big Grin Perhaps it's just that you are afraid of losing your independence! 19 Or like me, you just don't like being told what to do! Big Grin

Actually ... for me, it's not so much that I have trouble committing to a man ... my trouble is with committing to marriage! Eek That's a forever and a day prospect .. and I see too many people that took that plunge either already out of it ... or wishing that they were! Eek And I, thankfully, do not have to count that as one my life's issues. The process and issues of divorce can last even longer than the marriage when there are children involved! sck

But, making a man my one and only is not the hard part for me ... having him let me maintain my independence usually is. Matters are usually clouded by trust issues or jealousies or the desire to control. However there are men out there willing to be happy just to be together and who can respect boundaries and know how to trust.

Try to find you one of those, girlfriend! And then enjoy it for as long as it lasts! Smile

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