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Has anyone heard of this sista's plight? It is quite interesting and stands to make waves if proven to be true.Not suprisingly the media is not reporting on this case at all , but we should all be up to date on it and the so called Black media should have her back.Suprised this is not posted on more Black forums.

Update: 9.00am EDT, Tuesday, October 12, 2004
posted oct.12.2004


On Monday September 27, 2004 attorney's representing screenplay writer Sophia Stewart of Salt Lake City, Utah, appeared in The United States District Court of Los Angeles, California in a lawsuit against defendants Warner Brothers, Joel Silver, Andy and Larry Wachowski. This case has been defined as one of the largest suits for damages, in the history of the film industry.

The defendants are being sued for the recreation, redevelopment, promotion, reproduction, proliferation, distribution, and disbursement throughout the United States of America and abroad to third world countries, for the movie the "Matrix".

Allegedly the defendants cut, removed and, or destroyed from the original production of the movie motion picture, more than thirty (30) minutes of the movie, and the introduction. In an attempt to avoid both civil and criminal penalties for Copyright Infringement from Stewart's 45 page Epic Science Fiction Manuscript entitled The Third Eye which copyrights date back as far as 1981, as noticed and acknowledged by an investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During the F.B.I investigation,credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers came forward claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski brothers. The witnesses also added that the original work of Stewart had been seen, and often used during preparation of the motion pictures.

During Monday's Court proceedings, United States District Judge Margaret Morrow ruled on several motions made by defendants Warner Brothers, Joel Silver,Andy and LarryWachowski in theirattempt to get the suits against them dismissed. But based on the evidence presented during the hearing by Ms. Stewart's and her attorney's Jonathan W. Lubell, Gary S. Brown and Dean Browning Web they successfully defended against, Motions to Dismiss of her copyright infringement lawsuit against the industry giants.

The investigation held by the F.B.I not only establish Stewart as the writer of the movie "The Matrix" but also surprisingly "The Terminator.

It is reported that since the release of the movies The Terminator and the Matrix including the sequels a gross of over 2.5 Billion Dollars was raked in by Warner Brothers, Joel Silver, Andy and Larry Wachowski while the allege creator as we know it now Sophia Stuart never got a cent.

Contact Sophia Stewart:
M: POB 165153 | Salt Lake City, UT 84116
P: 801.220.0588



NOTE: A challenge for all you non-believerz, if you are a real fan of what the concept of the Matrix meanz, you will have no problem even considering Sophia's allegationz. Even the LA US District Court believes this is a case worth investigating. I'm sure there are some fanz out there who downloaded Matrix 1 before it hit the theaterz March 31, 1999, compare it with the DVD version and you will notice some major cuts have been edited out purposely by Warner Bros. The version that is now sold in stores throughout the world is a fake with several scenes cut to cover this conspiracy of fraud and racketeering.

All this was done after Sophia Stewart contacted them about this theft. Not only have the entire click behind The Matrix & Terminator series lied and stole from Sophia, they've lied to the people!

Why the claim so many yearz after the release of The Terminator & The Matrix? Simple. It is the arrogance of the film industry to believe every breathing human has seen Terminator. Sophia is one who hadn't. When she saw the originally released Matrix movie March 31, 1999, it was then she witnessed her creation on the silverscreen before her very eyes. Shortly after beginning her claim, she was contacted by the FBI who informed her not only was The Matrix stolen from her but also The Terminator!

There truly is a Matrix and Sophia is working hard to being light to the truth!

All this info is available to read yourself! Logon to
Search from truth and it will be revealed, if you really want the truth!


M'Bwebe Ishangi
Da Ghetto Tymz magazine
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Another view on the imagery in this film.
[Not written by me]
I'm always happy to be able to share positive things whenever I can.
And I think "The Matrix" is a refreshing exception to the usual
racist images/messages that come out of Hollywood.

I believe the Resistance group in "The Matrix" is meant to be
symbolic of the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement,
and other Civil Rights groups of the 1960's and 70's. I'm not saying
it is the only theme of "The Matrix". But I do believe it to be a
major theme.

Aside from some obvious problems I had with the film, such as
Fishburne's easy capture and domination, this film is unusual in its
reversal of Hollywood's usual racial attitudes. This is one of the
few Hollywood films I've ever seen that actually seems to be anti-
racist [for the most part], even on a symbolic/color/art-design

This movie is also about how people of all ethnicities are oblivious
to how we are manipulated and controlled by "the System", and how we
are sleeping. The film is essentially telling us to WAKE UP, and stop
accepting the status quo, oppression, lies, illusion, etc.,
with "Free your mind" as an important theme.

At the end of "The Matrix", a portion of a rap song, "Wake Up",
by "Rage Against The Machine" plays. This is a majoy key to what the
movie is really about. Here is an excerpt from their website:

"What is that I hear in 'Wake Up'?
"Right around 4:38, some whispering starts in the background. Zack is
reading a portion of a COINTELPRO document. COINTELPRO was the FBI's
COunterINTELligence PROgram, which functioned during the 60's and
70's to covertly disrupt civil rights organizations such as the
American Indian Movement, the Black Panthers, the SDS, the Women's
movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., etc.. The document he is
reading outlines FBI goals to disrupt Black civil rights actions, and
states, in part:

'Prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify the
militant Black nationalist movement. Malcolm X might have been such
a "messiah"; he is the martyr of the movement today. Martin Luther
King, Stokely Carmichael, and Elijah Muhammed all aspire to this
position... King could be a real contender for this position should
he abandon his supposed 'obedience' to white liberal doctrines' of
nonviolence and embrace Black nationalism...'
'Prevent violence on the part of the Black nationalist groups. This
is of primary importance, and is, of course, a goal of the Counter-
intelligence Program. Through counter-intelligence, it should be
possible to pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralize them
before they exercise their potential for violence...'

"And so on. The full document, and thousands more, were made public
only recently through the Freedom of Information Act, and can be
accessed in Ward Churchill and Jim Vandel Wall's book, 'The
COINTELPRO Papers: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars Against
Domestic Dissent', South End Press, Boston (MA), 1990. Page 110."

Search this page for "fred hampton". For the police raid in which
Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were assassinated in their sleep, a
COINTELPRO spy and traitor, William O'Neal, provided floor plans to
the FBI and police, which helped them ambush the Black Panthers. I
believe this was symbolized in The Matrix, in the scene where the
resistance group gets ambushed, and Lawrence Fishburne gets captured,
all because of "Mr. Reagan"/Cypher betraying them to the Agents.
[Footnote: Another website points out something interesting. "When
the traitor meets with agent 'Smith', we learn that his name is
Reagan. He says he wants to be someone important, maybe an
actor, and that he wants to 'remember nothing'." All clearly
references to Ronald Reagan.]

This page also has numerous bits of information on COINTELPRO/FBI
treachery. This is a huge part of what "The Matrix" is about.

Here's an excerpt from an FBI document that gives an example of how
they'd work against civil rights groups:

"It is suggested that consideration be given to convey the impression
that [out-spoken civil rights leader of the 60's, Stokley] CARMICHAEL
is a CIA informant.

"One method of accomplishing the above would be to have a carbon copy
of informant report reportedly written by CARMICHAEL to the CIA
carefully deposited in the automobile of a close Black Nationalist
friend. The report should be so placed that it will be readily seen.

"It is hoped that when the informant report is read it will help
promote distrust between CARMICHAEL and the Black Community. It is
suggested that carbon copy of report be used to indicate that
CARMICHAEL turned original copy into CIA and kept carbon copy for

"It is also suggested that we inform a certain percentage of reliable
criminal and racial informants that "we heard from reliable sources
that CARMICHAEL is a CIA agent". It is hoped that these informants
would spread the rumor in various large Negro communities across the

It is no mistake that all of the bad guys in this movie are all armed
cops, FBI agents, and military. All white males, and all
representative of groups who aggressively attacked Civil Rights


Come on!
Come on, although ya try to discredit
Ya still never edit
The needle, I'll thread it
Radically poetic
Standin' with the fury that they had in '66
And like E-Double I'm mad
Still knee-deep in the system's sh*t
Hoover, he was a body remover
I'll give ya a dose
But it'll never come close
To the rage built up inside of me
Fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy

Movements come and movements go
Leaders speak, movements cease
When their heads are flown
'Cause all these punks
Got bullets in their heads
Departments of police, the judges, the feds
Networks at work, keepin' people calm
You know they went after King
When he spoke out on Vietnam
He turned the power to the have-nots
And then came the SHOT!


Yeah, back in this...
Wit' poetry, my mind I flex
Flip like Wilson, vocals never lackin' dat finesse
Whadda I got to, whadda I got to do to wake ya up
To shake ya up, to break the structure up
'Cause blood still flows in the gutter
I'm like takin' photos
Mad boy kicks open the shutter
Set the groove
Then stick and move like I was Cassius
Rep the stutter step
Then bomb a left upon the fascists
Yea, the several federal men
Who pulled schemes on the dream
And put it to an end

Ya better beware
Of retribution with mind war
20/20 visions and murals with metaphors

Networks at work, keepin' people calm
Ya know they murdered X
And tried to blame it on Islam
He turned the power to the have-nots
And then came the shot

What was the price on his head?
What was the price on his head!

I think I heard a shot (5 times)
I think I heard, I think I heard a shot


'Black nationalism'
'He may be a real contender for this position should he
abandon his supposed obediance to white liberal doctrine
of non-violence...and embrace black nationalism'
'Through counter-intelligence it should be possible to
pinpoint potential trouble-makers...'
'And neutralise them... neutralise them... neutralise them'

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Spoken: "How long? Not long!
'cause what you reap, is what you sow!"

The Matrix's 1960's connections are numerous - particularly the
costume design. The "Agents" are 1960's FBI agents. Their hairstyles
and suits illustrate this clearly. The car the heroes used while
inside the matrix was a black 1964 Lincoln Continental. "Shades"
became popular in the 1960's, [often worn by Black activists/FBI
targets - particularly the Black Panthers and Maulana Karenga] and
were a major costume element in the movie.

Also note that Tank [Marcus Chong] vaguely resembles Black Panther
Party leader Huey P. Newton, whom he actually portrayed in "Panther"

In "The Matrix", there are fields of humans born into Enslavement,
being fed on by others, used to build a brutal system, and destroyed
once they wake up. Of course its symbolic of many things. But the
ultimate example seems to be the centuries of Enslavement of African
people. And that certainly fits with the large numbers of Black
people, and other "minorities", in Zion.

I know this is a lot, but I hope it at least provides some food for
thought. Take another look at "The Matrix", and see if you see the
socio-political/anti-racism symbolism yourself.

NOTE: Many, including myself, believe that COINTELPRO is still alive
and well, and operating. And while it focused quite heavily and
lethally on Black Civil Rights figures and organizations, it
infiltrated organizations with members of just about every hue and
ethnicity, including White. And this included local PTA's and
Feminist organizations.
I am not overly familiar with Rage Against The Machine either Audio Guy.The piece above was written by somone else.

I do however know that they are a political rock band that is very highly respected and Vibe even did a article on them a few years ago naming them one of the top 10 artists Black America needs to know about.

I have seen several of their politically charged videos on MTV and I agree they have something to say and a voice that should be heard.

Here is there official site Smile
Originally posted by AudioGuy:
All I can say is... WOW!!!

Dat sister is about to get PAID!!

(I wonder if _she_ has a big booty??!!) brotongue
Maybe...maybe not.
She is going up against a very powerful group of people.Not to mention White America is really attached to The Matrix and don't want this piece of work to be the brain child a Black person.

The Matrix sites were a hotbed of racial activity when this story first broke.

All that love and racial harmony they claimed to love about The Matrix when they thought it was the brain child of two White men, quickly went out the window when word came down that a lowly Black woman was probably the genius behind it. Roll Eyes
Originally posted by Black Honey:
Maybe...maybe not.
She is going up against a very powerful group of people.Not to mention White America is really attached to The Matrix and don't want this piece of work to be the brain child a Black person.

I made my statement on the basis of what I read about the case, but I feel you on that. She could fall victim to a familiar strategy: "...When they learn the rules, change the game..."

The Matrix sites were a hotbed of racial activity when this story first broke.

Point me in the direction of some of those sites, please.

All that love and racial harmony they claimed to love about The Matrix when they thought it was the brain child of two White men, quickly went out the window when word came down that a lowly Black woman was probably the genius behind it. Roll Eyes

Kinda like 3 weeks after 9/11, "racial harmony" evaporated.
Here are just a few Matrix sites I have visited over the last few months since this story broke.I wasn't able to find most of them, but I remember at the time basically all the Matrix sites were showing their true colors.As I said before, many White ppl are desperately attached to this film and feel a certain amount of pride that one of them was the mastermind behind it.Naturally finding out a Black woman is the source of all this creativity shakes their racist foundation to the core.
Originally posted by Black Honey:
Here are just a few Matrix sites I have visited...

Thanks BH. On some of those threads the only thing missing was commentary from rush limbaugh And mr. spin zone himself, bill o'notreally.

...Naturally finding out a Black woman is the source of all this creativity shakes their racist foundation to the core.

Ain't it the truth!
You guys should download and listen to the interview Sophia Stewart gave to Ghetto Tymes.When you hear this sista explain her ideas and concepts behind her book and this movie then you will know without a doubt she is the creator of this brilliant piece of Black art.This sista is brilliant, intelligent and very deep.Listen to her and you will know there is no way the Wachowsky brothers wrote the script for The Matrix.

Please listen.

Ase Blackhoney!
You just won me $50! When I saw the movie and told my partner there was no way 2 euros wrote this he told me I was crazy as usual and bet me $50. I told him when the ORACLE is a black woman that's gotta be someone who knows their Ifa. My before dinner prayer will include you!
Thanks and congrats on your big time bet more than $50 rotflmao

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