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"Nubian queen" has a certain majesty to it, owing to Nubia's ancientness and its relationship to ancient Egypt. Also, the ancient Nubian Queens -- the Candaces -- are probably the most famous succession of African Queens in history, and there may be some historical residuum from that which still resonates in some romanticized way. But it's a good question that probably has a more complete answer than that.
Originally posted by kevin1122:
Many African Americans seem to relate to the northeastern area of Africa known as "Nubia" in particular. You hear the term "Nubian Princess, Nubian King etc. all the time; why is this area of Africa related to this way rather than Kenya, Ethiopia, etc?


I second what Vox said but I think the reason African-Americans and Caribbeans probably fawn over Nubia the most out of any African civilization (even though most Black people outside of Africa are originally from West Africa whereas Nubia was in what's now Sudan and northern Ethiopia) is because it's one of the oldest African civilization and one of the most powerful in African (even world) history. Same reason some Black folks really into Black empowerment are into Egyptian stuff and "reclaiming" Egyptian things because ancient Group A Egypt, the original population, was Black (related to the northern Sudanese). And we know Egypt was also one of the most powerful civilizations in Africa as well as the world.

It's an excersize in building pride in self because the Western world tries to tell us that we are nothing, never were anything, came from nothing and won't ever be anything and that we should be on our knees thanking D. Whiteman for "civilizing" us.

But I agree that Egypt and Nubia aren't the only Black civilizations that pride can be taken in. There have been advanced Swahili kingdoms since the late BC/early AD era along eastern Africa. There have also been very advanced civilizations in West and central Africa (where most of our ancestral and genetic roots lie). The Nok civilization in the Nigeria/Niger area being one of the oldest-known West African civilizations (the legendary "Zingh civilization" is debated as to whether it really existed) and the advanced and powerful Ghana, Ashanti and Yoruban empires and the Igbo and Mali states.
I agree with those who have posted.

I have a very limited knowledge of Africa's civilizations.

I think a lot of it is romanticism...with royalty...with 'blackness'...even a defiance.

I think all of that is good...for whatever reason it is done.

I have a 'thing' I wonder about as well.

Why do clearly educated people...particularly in the public arena...continue to refer in context with nations?

We know, I know, that if challenged they would with great disdain confirm that the 'know Africa is a continent'.

Is that 'culture'?

Is maintaining ignorance 'culture'?



Jim Chester

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