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Being a filmmaker myself, I try to keep up with most aspects of it ie, makeup, and I stumbled over this site and to my shock I discovered the talents of Crist Ballas, look what he can do, and look at what appears to be an African American but is not.

When I saw this, it brought back to mind a theory I had during the Atlanta Child Murders, what you will see is an excellent makeup display gallery. But then imagine the EVIL possibilities of what you see.

Go to Google, and type in: "The Monster Lab Crist Ballas Gallery"


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Kashir 8 - what kind of films do you make? Are you writer, director, first AD, ???
And who inspires you?
What's your opinion of the current state of black filmmaking in the USA? Independent or otherwise.

Hope I'm not getting too up close and personal, just curious. Smile

If you haven't seen it yet, one of the posts here listed a lot of great short films/filmmakers.
I make shlock films, and B-horror (no apologies either) I write and direct. I want to create a scifi film ala Star Trek that only has Blacks and other minorities, that's not intended to be racist, it's just that it has never been done before and should be interesting. I am inspired by Ray Bradbury, and Roger Corman, I'll be shooting my first horror film this September. I also co-produced Vampiyaz 2004, check it out.

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