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I'm making a black woman cake cause I'm hungry as hell. And the
sweet tooth I have, only a sista can break the spell. Let me reach into my
spice rack to see what I can get. To make a mix that will stick to
my stomach you can bet.

2 cups of intelligence,
1 cup of sugar brown.
Cause she's got to be sweet,
mental, deep and sound.

Cinnamon is always good
to accent the taste.
A few cups of culture
so she's down for her race.

You see I won't bite into anything
That's not conscious of its own.
That's why I stick to chocolate.
And leave angel food alone.

I am adding butter
cause she must be smooth.
2 raisins for the dimples
will also be cool.

I must add eggs
so she can reproduce.
Can't leave her hanging
cause I like children too!!

I think I'll add a little salt
to balance her out.
And a dominant profile
to show she has clout.

For a responsible woman
I'll throw in some yeast
So she'll swell with juices
when I'm ready to feast.

I'll add 7 cups of courage
and into the oven to bake.
Turn it to 360 degrees
To balance out her mental state.

Now that it's done brothas
I won't share her wealth
But I'm sharing the recipe
As I'm consuming this black woman
all by myself.

<small style="color: green; font-family: lucida sans unicode">"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." steve biko</small>
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