If a Black man gets out of line,
and begins to think much of himself,
He is outcast.
You will treat him as such.
Destroy his name, his thoughts and his pen.
Make him understand he has violated
a natural order
until as a dog he
comes home,
or wanders the streets
as a dog without a home.
The reward for you
is he will now
follow you,
as you
follow me.

You are to make light of his children,
his profession and his wife.
We have determined the agenda
and the tenets under which you live.
It is as I agree you to live and to be.
You follow me and appreciate me.

When I smile in your face,
Understand that
I will always give you the things
you need to live
if you only
follow me.


I found this on the net and thought it was an interesting piece.

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